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Community activities

We believe that a socially responsible business should contribute to the wider community. Through our various community investment programs we provide professional and financial support to a variety of fund-raising and community organizations. We encourage all our people to become involved, as a firm and as individuals, to contribute time and money to several social and educational community activities in Israel.

Impact day

People from many Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu member firms around the world are joining forces in order to make an impact on their communities. Tens of thousands of Deloitte people from more than 20 countries participate in different activities reflecting the spirit of the IMPACT day.

Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar has a strong tradition of social responsibility, and its employees are dedicated on this day to show their commitment to the development of a better society. Leaving the office, conference calls and e-mails behind, Deloitte employees put their passion, determination and skills to use and take part in a variety of community investment activities including painting, gardening, working with children, cleaning public facilities and holding fund raisers.

Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar members are committed to serve their people, their clients and their communities. Over 600 volunteers are taking part in the IMPACT Day activities on April 28th, 2008.

The day includes nearly 20 projects with over than 10 community organizations. For more information please contact Dafna Ran.


Variety is a voluntary Israeli organization that supports and helps children with special needs (ill, handicapped or injured) from all ages (up to 18 years old). The Israeli organization, established at 1967, is one of 54 world wide Variety branches, working towards the same goals, each branch oriented to the children of it’s community. Since its creation and through its 39 years of work, Variety helped over 10,000 children with no discrimination against religion, race or nationality, providing medical and paramedical services and by acquiring equipment and rehabilitation aids.

Deloitte’s contribution to Variety is much more than financial support. Dozens of our people participated in a variety of events for Variety’s children. The most noticeable are the organization and operation of “Fun booths” and the delivery of “Purim Gifts” to Variety children hospitalized in different children units in hospital all over the country. Deloitte also donates to Variety by acquiring “Happy new year” (Shanot Tovot) postcards, which are sent to our costumers every year.

Alon – Association for social involvement (AA)

Alon Association believes that education is the main tool for narrowing down social gaps. Accordingly, its members are active across the country in extending a helping hand to school dropouts in an effort to guide and redirect them towards completing their high-school education and, obtain a university degree.

Alon Association operates through several clubs including, the Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar classroom.

We encourage our people to volunteer thus increasing the number of instructors up to one per student.

Latet - "To give"

“To Give”, an Israeli humanitarian relief organization, aiming to aid all populations through difficulties regardless of religion, race, sex, or nationality, while promoting tolerance and aid in Israeli society.

We continue periodic projects for aiding Latet collecting and distributing food all over the country.

Ambassadors of goodwill (AOG)

The objective of AOG is to improve the image of the Israeli tourist while increasing by means of education and instructions the awareness to the importance of appropriate and accepted behavior abroad.

We encourage our people to participate with AOG activities including: visiting high schools and lecturing to the students of the importance attached to appropriate behavior abroad, both in terms of on personal as well as national levels. In addition, our volunteers distribute stickers and post cards to the departing young tourists.

Technoda association

The prime goal of TA is to invest resources for strengthening weak links in the Israeli society, those suffering from economic, educational and technological deficiency. These parts of the society consist mainly of recent immigrants from Ethiopia and some parts of the ex-USSR.

We participate in contributions for summer camps for technological enhancement and encourage our volunteers to engage with TA activities giving an additional value to our community.