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Deloitte Launching SheXO Club For Exchanging Ideas and Linking Exceptional Businesswomen

SheXO Club

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Zagreb, 8th November 2012 - Deloitte has launched a SheXO Club intended for women with distinguished professional careers. Over 30 businesswomen joined the first meeting which took place at Hotel Esplanade.

"SheXO Club, designed as a platform to exchange experience, gathers exceptional women that, regardless of their various profiles and interests, have achieved distinguished careers", says Sonja Ifković, Deloitte Tax Director. "We intend to hold such meetings several times a year to promote exchanging ideas and building both private and professional relationships", continues Sonja Ifković.

"The topic of the first meeting was success in the context of the balance between personal needs and external expectations, that is, to tackle the issue of the borderline between women's private and professional lives as well as of what we have personally given up to achieve a professional career", emphasises Marina Tonžetić, Deloitte Audit Director. The first meeting was moderated by Zora Subotić, a distinguished psychologist and psychotherapist, and our first distinguished guest was Vedrana Likan, Managing Director at Colliers International, Croatia, awarded the flattering title of the Women of the Year 2012.

"I believe that success is a matter of choice and decision, as well as of standing up for oneself. On the other hand, I see failure as a chance for making progress. If we don’t learn anything from failure, if it doesn't make us stronger, courageous and self-confident, we are giving up on the future", stresses Likan.

The contribution of women to the economy has increased significantly over the past few years. Also, it is known that women make as many as 80 percent of purchasing decisions. In addition, having become financially independent, women are playing an increasingly important role on the labour market. "According to a publication of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, which bears the title "Women and Men in Croatia in 2012", women make up as many as 60 percent of the total number of graduates", says Ifković. "The publication also shows that the share of women continuing their education after graduating from a university is becoming greater from year to year. We hope that this positive trend, currently observed at the Croatian Universities, will be reproduced in the business world in the near future and that more and more women will be found at managerial positions", concludes Ifković.

"Having become successful in business, women have taken on a new role, while at the same time keeping most of their previous roles and responsibilities. In this context, it is very important to raise general awareness and develop systems to support women in order to create prerequisites required for them to achieve balance between their professional, family and private roles, which, at the end of the day, translates into investing in foundations for building a healthy community", emphasises Subotić.

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