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As One diagnostic

The As One diagnostic is a temperature check of an organization’s leader-and-follower dynamics, collective behavior competency, and As One potential. It helps enable leaders to identify the main drivers of success and better understand how the people within their organizations choose to collaborate with each other. The diagnostic also detects potential obstacles to strategy deployment so leaders can take preemptive action to keep minor issues from turning into major problems.

Think about your organization and ask yourself:

  • Are the conditions in place for my people to succeed?
  • Do my people think of themselves as one group?
  • Are they truly committed to our organization’s goals and direction?
  • Do they have the same ideas about how to work together?

Do you measure how well your people work together? Did you even know that you could measure that? You can.

Member firm clients emerge from the As One diagnostic process with an actionable understanding of their people’s potential for working as one. As One member firm practitioners then work with clients to develop a roadmap for leaders to unleash this potential and achieve a productive and sustainable form of engagement with their people that can elevate commitment, efficiency, and productivity.

How it Works

Trained As One member firm practitioners measure the presence of and diagnose the effectiveness of collective leadership in your organization. The typical diagnostic takes six to nine weeks to complete.

  • Data is gathered through a comprehensive Web-based survey and interpreted using a proprietary positioning algorithm.
  • The findings are presented and discussed with your organization’s leaders using As One’s unique, interactive interface.
  • An action plan is developed to address organizational weaknesses and engage the resources required to execute the plan.

 Who + What + How

Maximizing performance across the operations of clients requires an understanding of the choices people make. By uncovering and understanding the As One core components, leaders can develop an As One strategy for collective leadership:

Who The cohesive groups that are most likely to work together effectively. To whom or to what group do employees have allegiance? Do they have a “shared identity” that makes them willing to collaborate?
What The things people need to do to achieve strategic goals and meet defined milestones. To what will employees commit? Do they have enough of a “directional intensity” or commitment to execute on all required tasks?
How The approach people will take to reach designated goals. How will employees collaborate? Do they have a “common interpretation” of how to work together toward the group’s shared goal? Do leaders and followers have the same expectations for how the organization operates?

Imagine what you could accomplish if you channeled individual action into collective power? 

Contact the Deloitte member firm nearest you to find out how As One can help enhance your collective leadership capability.

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