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Public Sector publications

Publications and thought leadership relevant to the Public Sector.

UK Public Sector Thought Leadership

  • Working differently to provide early diagnosis
    Harnessing digital social and mobile technologies to fulfil peelian principles.
  • Harnessing digital, social and mobile technologies to fulfil ‘peelian principles’
    This short briefing provides actionable insight and understanding for PCC’s and police leaders to help bring citizens back to the centre of policing.
  • Higher education finance directors survey
    This is our first higher education sector survey which aims to canvass the views of Directors of Finance, CFO’s and those with a senior view of the financial operations of their institutions.
  • Implementing new business models in UK public services
    Across the UK public sector, structural reforms are changing the provision of public services through a broader mix of public-private delivery models.
  • A guide for prospective Police and Crime Commissioners
    An overview of the key issues that they will have to deal with from day one and a practical guide to support thinking.
  • From the bottom up: Influencing citizen behaviours to achieve policy outcomes
    Examining the steps Government can take in order to influence citizen behaviours.
  • Primary Care: Today and tomorrow
    A new report from the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions examines the capacity and capability of general practice now and in the future, with a focus on GPs and general practice nurses. The report highlights the need for general practice to work differently to cope effectively with the increasing demands it faces. This will be especially pertinent as GPs take on the role of commissioners of local healthcare services.
  • Deloitte Analytics – Insight on tap Improving public services through data analytics
    Deloitte analytics has produced insight into key data analytics opportunities facing public sector organisations as they seek to extract costs and improve services. Insight on tap: Improving public services through data analytics outlines how public bodies can use analytical tools to draw valuable insight from their data.

MORE Global Public Sector Thought Leadership

  • Red Ink Rising
    This Deloitte Research report explores the path to fiscal sustainability by looking at the challenges posed by the current economic landscape and provides a framework to address these issues and navigate a successful journey.
  • Paths to power – Advancing women in government
    Debates on the value of diversity and the empowerment and advancement of women have raged for centuries, but when it comes to gender equality, few achievements can compare with the rising role of women in government.

Issues and trends

  • Demand Management: How to manage demand for public services
    In this publication, we examine how demand management can operate in the provision of local public services. Chief executives and finance directors tell us where it has worked and where there are limitations.
  • Business Partnering: The changing role of finance in Government
    Deloitte hosted a round table event for leaders across Government to explore future finance models, the potential to develop business partnering further and other features of effective finance functions and how best they can continue to evolve to support organisational objectives.
  • More than just giving - Analysis of corporate responsibility across UK firms
    Large UK companies have made progress to professionalise their corporate responsibility activities, but more work is needed according to the report “More than just giving”.
  • Choosing fewer channels: Public service channel options in an age of austerity
    This paper highlights the lessons and trends of channel shift and proposes a blueprint for public bodies to optimise their business around their customers.
  • Lean and fit – improving frontline service in an age of austerity
    In these challenging times it is going to be critical to find ways to make efficiency savings in the front-line, without damaging customer service or outcomes
  • Change the name on the door
    This publication outlines potential machinery of government changes in the context of current and emerging public sector challenges, including cost reduction.
  • Calling time on quangos
    The paper suggests how Deloitte’s private sector expertise of restructuring, including closing organisations and transferring services, can be applied to arm’s length bodies in the public sector

Sector specific

  • Sizing Up - Local Government mergers and service integration
    This document identifies lessons for any local authority considering integration or merger, and suggests an approach that authorities should follow to ensure that collaboration achieves real and additive benefits.
  • Document Management in Local Government - Finding the real savings
    Local Government organisations face the challenge of reduced budgets and the simultaneous pressure to change the way services are delivered. Investing in information assets can achieve cost savings as well as enabling a more flexible organisation, which is ready to embrace new ways of working, shared services and outsourcing. A fresh look at the benefits that Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) systems can deliver is therefore required.
  • Policing the spend - Cutting costs while creating a police workforce fit for the future
    An examination of the current financial challenge facing the police service and consideration of the workforce-related issues in light of the Winsor review.
  • Identity Matters: Sustaining the identity and values of the NHS through restructuring and change
    The restructuring plans outlined in the July 2010 White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS contains proposals that challenge both the structure and culture of the NHS. The alignment of these reforms with the identity and values of the NHS during the restructuring will be critical if change is to be meaningful and sustainable.
  • Defence Reform Review - Delivering the SDSR and the CSR
    This paper suggests a range of actions that the Defence Reform Review could deploy to meet MOD’s tough operating, people and financial targets; and also suggest how MOD could meet the associated change management challenges.
  • Improving service delivery to an ageing population - the ageing population challenges for local authorities
    The LSE report (Improving service delivery to an ageing population: strategies for UK local authorities) brings together the many different dimensions of the UK’s ageing population and models the regional implications for local authority service delivery.
  • Open Financial Reporting - Surveying operating and financial reviews in the higher education sector
    The report sets out an analysis of the annual reports of 40 higher education institutions. Open Financial Reporting considers how the particular requirements relating to the inclusion of an Operating and Financial Review have been applied across the higher education sector.


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