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Public Sector publications

Publications and thought leadership relevant to the Public Sector.

Public Sector research reports

In the hot seat   In the hot seat
Reducing costs in public-sector organisations in an age of austerity.
Leaderships at all level   Leadership at all levels
Leading public-sector organisations in an age of austerity.
New shapes and sizes   New shapes and sizes
Reshaping public-sector organisations for an age of austerity.
Counting the cost   Counting the cost
Using cost reduction to drive sustainable government. This report recommends immediate steps public bodies can take to reduce costs.
Deloitte Image   Turning the tide - Opportunities for Public Sector organisations in an economic downturn
This report sets out a series of measures public organisations could take to drive tactical and strategic changes.
January 2009
Deloitte Image   Mini-Stern for Manchester
Assessing the economic impact of EU and UK climate change legislation on Manchester City Region and the North-West.
September 2008
Deloitte Image   How to halve child poverty by 2010
This report, authored jointly by Barnardo's and Deloitte, suggests ways in which the government can rapidly reduce child poverty, and make a positive impact where recent changes have not.
September 2008
Deloitte Image  

Transfusion: Private to Public
Based on around 50 interviews with direct entry Senior Civil Servants from the private sector, this report examines the experience of career moves that hoped to 'make a difference'.
August 2008



Deloitte Image   Bold moves
Using human capital to strengthen public sector performance - what do Government Departments and Local Authorities really need to do to be fit for purpose?
June 2008 
Deloitte Image   Mapping Care of Older People
Deloitte's analysis of long-term care markets discovers long-term care is now almost entirely provided through private and third sector suppliers.
April 2008
Optimising the channel mix in the UK public sector   Choosing Channels: Optimising the channel mix in the UK public sector
The Public Sector is under growing pressure to improve efficiency while also raising its quality and reach. Choosing the right customer channels to deliver products and services – from face-to-face, to contact centres, to the Internet - can have a significant impact on realising these aims, for any business.
June 2007
Making a success of local government reorganisation   Pushing the Boundaries: Making a success of local government reorganisation
Compared to the last wave of reorganisation, government needs a review process which is quicker and more independent. The report has messages for both central government (about the decision-making and transition process), and for local authorities (about how to manage the process of organisational change).
September 2006
New delivery models for public infrastructure projects   Building flexibility: New delivery models for public infrastructure projects
The government is currently in the midst of a large programme of investment in public infrastructure. The report analyses current approaches to infrastructure development including PFI and variants, as well as five innovative new models that we think should be used more widely.
March 2006

Global Public Sector research reports

No More Them and Us

  No more 'them and us'
This report describes supplier management capabilities at a high level, and identifies common areas where public bodies can take action to improve the way they manage their relationship with suppliers.
Customer strategy in the public sector   Customer strategy in the public sector
The private sector has raised the bar for customer service and now citizens expect the same from goverments.
April 2008
Serving the Aging Citizen   Serving the Aging Citizen
The latest report from Deloitte Research highlights alternatives available to governments for dealing with the challenges associated with population aging.
March 2007
Closing the infrastructure gap   Closing the infrastructure gap: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships
A paradigm shift has occurred in how governments provide infrastructure. Private financing, design, building, and operation of infrastructure has emerged as one of the most important models employed by governments to close the infrastructure gap.
November 2006
Tackling government's toughest policy and management challenges   States of Transition: Tackling government's toughest policy and management challenges
As the CEOs of their states, governors have a range of responsibilities comparable to their corporate equivalents. The publication provides a roadmap for new and returning governors and their administrations to tackle some of their most vexing challenges and develop solutions.
November 2006

Hot topics

Lean and fit   Lean and fit
Improving frontline service in an age of austerity
Change the name on the door   Change the name on the door
This publication outlines potential machinery of government changes in the context of current and emerging public sector challenges, including cost reduction.
Calling time on quangos   Calling time on quangos
The paper suggests how Deloitte’s private sector expertise of restructuring, including closing organisations and transferring services, can be applied to arm’s length bodies in the public sector.


The delivery challenge for the next government

  The delivery challenge for the next government: From targets to engagement
Despite significant successes, the improvement in public services has lagged behind public perceptions. Deloitte believes that the conventional top-down target-driven approach has reached the limits of its effectiveness and an new focus is needed from Senior Civil Service.
March 2007
One for all and all for one   Achieving success with Shared Services in the Public Sector: One for all and all for one
Few shared services have been successfully completed in the public sector. This document looks at why and if there is anything to learn from those who have taken the plunge and implemented shared services.
May 2006
Breaking the performance barrier   Breaking the performance barrier: Strategic programme management in local government  (PDF, 98 KB)
Local Authorities and Government agencies are under extreme pressure to reduce their costs and improve their public services. Many varied drivers have spawned innumerable projects and programmes in Local Authorities with the intention of meeting the objectives of operational savings and improved client service delivery.


Open Financial Reporting   Open Financial Reporting - Surveying operating and financial reviews in the higher education sector
The report sets out an analysis of the annual reports of 40 higher education institutions. Open Financial Reporting considers how the particular requirements relating to the inclusion of an Operating and Financial Review have been applied across the higher education sector.

Local and Regional Government 

mproving service delivery to an ageing population  

Improving service delivery to an ageing population: strategies for UK local authorities
The ageing population challenges for local authorities

The LSE report (Improving service delivery to an ageing population: strategies for UK local authorities) brings together the many different dimensions of the UK’s ageing population and models the regional implications for local authority service delivery. It incorporates other demographic changes including the number of younger people and the changing profile and characteristics of older people, such as their health, ethnicity, extended family and attitudes.


Deloitte Image

  Delivering through technology in local and regional government
The challenge posed by delivering technology-enabled business change are well documented; the solutions are not. We focus on the client, not just the technology to enable you to deliver quality outcomes for both your organisation and your citizens. We are the only organisation to offer full advisory, consultancy and implementation.
Deloitte Image   Technology futures in local government ripe for the picking?
Our report cuts through the hype and presents a clear analysis of the relevance and timeliness of four main strands of technology which will enable local authorities to achieve effective connected government.
October 2007 
Seeds of Growth   Seeds of Growth: Supporting the delivery of sustainable communities in England's growth areas
This country is facing a housing shortage, as every year the number of new homes being delivered falls well short of the number of new households being created. Gordon Brown has made housing one of the top priorities for Government and has announced plans to build three million new homes by 2020. This publication represents a firm wide offer to assist the public sector and home building industry to define and deliver their growth ambitions.


Making the Connections   Making the Connections: Transport challenges for the 21st century
With population and economic growth placing ever-greater strain on transport capacity and the environment, the search for sustainable transport solutions is becoming pressing. This publication looks at some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.
October 2006
A Climate for Change   A Climate for Change: The environmental challenge for the transport sector
So far the transport sector has experienced less environmental pressure than other sectors. However, the challenge is growing for the sector. This publication outlines why.
October 2006
ongestion Charging: A success story   Congestion Charging: A success story
Transport for London (TfL) has introduced the world's largest congestion charging scheme, in central London. This publication includes a snapshot of its success.


Identity Matters   Identity Matters: Sustaining the identity and values of the NHS through restructuring and change
The restructuring plans outlined in the July 2010 White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS contains proposals that challenge both the structure and culture of the NHS. The alignment of these reforms with the identity and values of the NHS during the restructuring will critical if change is to be meaningful and sustainable.
November 2010
NHS Briefings   NHS Briefings
These briefings cover topical issues affecting NHS organisations. Deloitte has worked with many healthcare organisations, both in the public and private sector, delivering fully integrated services. Our wealth of experience in this sector and in the wider Public Sector and with corporate clients enables us to bring best practice and a real breadth and depth of knowledge to our NHS clients.

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