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Security & Privacy

Security has reached boardroom agendas, breaches are being recognised as having a significant impact on businesses and securing systems and information is now seen as a pre-requisite for good business.

We are uniquely positioned to provide a full spectrum of security and privacy services, working with our clients to develop comprehensive security programmes that result in real benefits. Many businesses are now discovering the benefits of working with us to address all of their security and privacy needs, replacing the ad hoc/multiple provider approach they have used previously.


Application Integrity helps clients secure their organisations. As organisations rely ever more heavily on software applications and other information and communications technologies, the risks associated with them escalate rapidly. Data accuracy and protection; control over the gathering and use of financial and other sensitive data; and control over internal and external access to software applications are some of the most crucial concerns of today.

Whether our clients are starting from scratch, building on an existing software application backbone, or have sophisticated software engineering capabilities around the globe, our Security & Privacy Services practice can help take the organisation to the next level.

Business Continuity Management is designed to help clients create a truly resilient business. Recent events have highlighted the potential vulnerabilities of businesses around the world. Our clients need to consider how factors like these might negatively affect their company's revenue stream and brand image:

  • Unplanned events, including natural and technological disasters and infrastructure and human threats
  • Security threats, such as computer viruses, worms and denial-of-service attacks
  • Ever increasing volume of data and the very high cost of downtime due to data loss or unavailability
  • Increasing infrastructure and application interdependencies
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements, which are growing increasingly complex
  • Globalisation and the challenges of operating in multiple countries
  • Effects on BCM arising from outsourcing and increasing dependence on critical 3rd party suppliers

Traditional approaches to BCM have focused solely on recovery - that is, replacing information systems and other critical resources after a business interruption. Our framework seeks to create enterprise resiliency, helping to identify and be prepared to respond to threats before they strike.

Identity & Access Management helps clients manage today's identity crisis. The reality is that identity and access management is a highly complex business issue that goes far beyond the IT department. It encompasses the entire organisation, including business units, individual locations, systems, access points, business partners and customers. Complicating matters further, is the growing number of mobile employees, joint ventures and other business activities that expose IT systems to potential threats.

Our Identity & Access Management (IAM) framework addresses all aspects of the identity and access management lifecycle. It is a holistic, business-focused approach that incorporates our experience related to processes, control, technology and security, with in-depth vendor software knowledge, to deliver a comprehensive and sustainable identity management solution.

Infrastructure & Operation Security helps clients build protection into the core of their businesses. Our Infrastructure & Operations Security services can help clients address the challenges of creating a more secure, efficient operating environment.

We can assist in:

  • Improving defenses against intrusion both internally and externally
  • Tightening control over infrastructure management and costs
  • Improving availability, bandwidth and speed
  • Preparing infrastructure for next generation security solutions
  • Eliminating bottlenecks
  • Minimising service disruptions

Privacy & Data Protection ensures that information is used most effectively while marketplace trust and confidence are on equal footing with customer satisfaction.

Our Privacy & Data Protection Services specialists go beyond policy to help our clients evaluate, design and implement a privacy program and solution set that is both scalable and sustainable. This holistic approach helps them to actively identify and focus on those privacy and data protection issues that represent either the highest risk or the highest return on investment. It also involves identification of the highest risk areas, while being flexible and focused enough to address local, unique privacy requirements on a case-by-case basis. By doing so, we can help them to optimise market opportunities while reducing exposure to critical risks and potential damage to their brand.

Security Management ensures protection of information and systems. Before risk can be effectively mitigated, what it is and where it's coming from needs to be understood. A truly effective solution has to be end to end.

Our practitioners help our clients to develop a framework that integrates security controls into their operations. By employing an end-to-end approach, we can help them to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of security throughout their organisation, from the governance roles of executive leaders and stakeholders to the responsibilities of people handling day-to-day operations.
  • address some, or all of their security planning and implementation needs.

Vulnerability Management is designed to slam the door on attackers. Vulnerability management is an essential element of any security program. Effective vulnerability management means an organisation is equipped to identify system exposures quickly and take the appropriate action.

Our Vulnerability Management services help our clients combat today's growing array of system threats. We assist them in assessing their infrastructure, networks and application environments to identify vulnerabilities and control weaknesses. We can then work with their team to develop and deploy the technical and architectural improvements necessary to reduce their exposure to vulnerabilities.

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