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Boao Forum for Asia 2009: Thought leadership

In line with the focus of this year's Boao Forum for Asia Conference, " Asia: Managing beyond crisis", Deloitte, as the Conference’s Intellectual Supporting Partner, shares its research and thought leadership reports on how businesses can enhance their ability to manage successfully through these volatile times and continue to build for the long term:

The economic outlook and impact for domestic, outbound and inbound businesses 

China and the new global financial order
Just when the global financial system faces its most severe crisis, China's economy is reaching a level of maturity and strength that will give it a central role in the new financial order. This report, published by Deloitte China Research and Insight Centre, provides Deloitte China's viewpoint on China's emerging role and the implications for global financial markets and economy, and for China inbound and outbound investors. The centre was established to provide our clients in China and around the world with information on developments in China that may be relevant to their businesses.
Think global, start local: A geographic guide to outbound investment opportunities
This is a geographic outbound investment guide for Chinese investors. It depicts the life cycle of a typical Chinese enterprise along with the opportunities and challenges it will face in the investment process. It explains how Deloitte aligns its services to helping the investor - from the early planning stage to the possible exiting stage. This is a publication of the Global Chinese Services Group, a unique platform within Deloitte that unifies professionals with China perspectives and covers nearly 100 locations around the world. The group supports clients from both an inbound and outbound service perspective.

Checklists to help companies manage in volatile times
For many companies, the global economic turmoil translates into both unimagined risks - and potential opportunities. On the one hand, organisations must cope with the credit crunch and volatile markets. On the other hand, now is the time for them to take charge and strengthen their competitive stance and prepare for the long haul.

It's time to make the call: Taking control in turbulent times
Many companies often find it hard to know what to do first in these uncertain times. Good companies can turn into troubled ones overnight. Recognising when it's time for an intervention - and acting on that insight - can be the critical factor in determining a company's success or failure in volatile times. Deloitte has identified seven questions management needs to be able to answer now.
Managing in volatile times
What steps can companies take in these volatile times? This guide introduces 30 Deloitte capabilities across five key areas where we are helping companies to devise strategies to manage their business.

Cost management

In fighting shape? 2008 survey of cost improvement trends from Fortune 500
Most companies have adopted cost management as an ongoing discipline, yet their current approaches may not be enough to address the potential challenges ahead. This is a survey report of 70 Fortune 500 companies, and examines the ways companies can choose an effective cost improvement approach.

Cash management
Effective cash management is critical. While profits may be the measure of success, it is cash that determines business survival.

Tax responses to the global economic crisis
This report by Deloitte's global tax practice provides a high-level summary of responses, through tax and fiscal policies, of more than 50 countries worldwide to tackle the crisis. The focus is on implemented corporate, individual income, and indirect tax measures, other types of fiscal measures and corporate governance, and proposed and deferred measures.

Controlling your cash position: Back to the basics - A practical guide to cash conservation in the current economic environment
Drawing on Deloitte's consulting and reorganisation services experience working with companies in different financial positions, this publication sets out the five main areas for management to focus on, together with examples and case studies.

Controlling your cash position: Back to the basics - A questionnaire to help you assess your current cash management position  
This questionnaire is a diagnostic tool to help management teams understand how well prepared they are for the current climate. The questions drill down into what a business should be doing today to ensure its best chance of survival.

Dealing with economic downturn: Cash tax strategies for doing business in the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong 
This guide summarises a range of ideas to help companies develop cash tax strategies, covering enterprise income tax, indirect tax, employment and individual income tax, international tax, and US tax.

Risk management

Putting risk in the comfort zone: Nine principles for building the Risk Intelligent Enterprise TM
The overriding message from the credit and financial crisis is that no one is immune. Many boards and executives are feeling uneasy as their risk environments change almost daily. Companies now need to give risk management their highest attention and emphasise even more in the value of improving the ways risk is anticipated and actions are taken to increase resilience to risk. Deloitte has defined a set of nine principles to help enterprises become more risk intelligent. This publication introduces the principles along with insights and practical steps for incorporating the concepts in organisations.
Risk Intelligence Diagnostic Tool
This tool provides a high-level assessment of an organisation's present risk management capability, defined in terms of the framework provided by the nine fundamental principles for building a Risk Intelligent EnterpriseTM. It helps to evaluate where organisations stand on risk management and how to plan their journeys towards Risk Intelligence.
Risk Intelligent IT Internal Auditor - IT IA Takes Flight
Harnessing information technology to identify turning points in the business operations has become the key to business success. Risk intelligent IT internal auditors understand business risk and identify strategic opportunities, using both information and technology. Organisations that encourage IT internal audit to take on a leadership role in implementing strategic initiatives and business issues are most knowledgeable about their strength and will be successful in different economic environments.
Crises and threats
The corporate environment is becoming increasingly litigious, with both local and multi-national disputes increasingly commonplace. Even a seemingly insignificant or minor event has the potential to develop into a major blow to a business. That is why it's important to thoroughly assess potential threats and develop a plan to either avoid crises or effectively manage them if they prove inevitable. The major critical threats facing companies today fall into seven broad areas. For each of these, Deloitte's guide, "Crises and threats", outlines the major areas of exposure and vital first steps, and establishes essential competencies for any business.

About Deloitte 

Deloitte 2008 Annual Review - Looking back
Looking back at the year's accomplishments is as important as looking in your rearview mirror. An essential exercise, of course, but it's critical to focus on the road ahead. For Deloitte member firms around the world, there are many accomplishments from fiscal 2008 to celebrate, including the sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth. But, even as we pause to appreciate the achievements, we're looking beyond the horizon to see what's next.
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