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Insolvency and restructuring proceedings


Information and postings for insolvency related proceedings

Formal proceedings

Engagement Type Filing Date
1585396 Ontario Inc.(AAA Trading Co.) Bankruptcy, Interim Receivership 23-Dec-2009
354034 Alberta Ltd. (Kitchen & Patio Furniture Gallery) Bankruptcy, Receivership 13-Oct-2009
474572 Ontario Ltd. Proposal 16-Mar-2007
6552757 Canada Inc. (S.R. Telecom) Proposal 25-Jun-2010
8th and 8th Limited Partnership and TRL Real Estate Syndicate (04) Ltd. Receivership 9-Jul-2009
AAER Inc. CCAA 8-Apr-2010
AFM Hospitality Corp. Interim Receivership 29-Apr-2005
Allen-Vanguard Corporation CCAA 9-Dec-2009
Apex Energy (Canada) Inc. Receivership 7-Oct-2008
Ascalade Communications Inc. and Ascalade Technologies Inc. Interim Receivership 8-Mar-2008
Barzel Industries Canada Inc. CCAA 15-Sep-2009
Beckermann Kitchens (2007) Inc. Bankruptcy, Receivership 4-Jan-2008
Beta Brands Ltd. - Beta Limitee Receivership 3-Jan-2007
Bighorn Mountain Resort Corporation Interim Receivership 16-Apr-2009
Buchanan Forest Products Ltd. Bankruptcy, Receivership 17-Mar-2009
Calgary West Hospitality Inc. (Stampede Casino) Receivership 13-Aug-2009
Canadian Global Air Ambulance Ltd. Bankruptcy, Receivership 30-Sep-2008
Canadian Superior Energy Inc. – Block 5C Trinidad Interim Receivership 11-Feb-2009
Caribou Resources Corp. CCAA 31-Jan-2007
Chemokine Therapeutics Corp and Chemokine Therapeutics (B.C.) Corp Proposal 24-Dec-2008
Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut Partnership Bankruptcy, Receivership 3-Aug-2010
CPI Plastics Group Limited Receivership, Interim Receivership 8-Jan-2009
Compania Mexicana de Aviacion S.A. de C.V. CCAA 5-Aug-2010
Constellation Copper Corporation Bankruptcy 23-Dec-2008
Cotton Ginny Inc. et al CCAA 21-Feb-2008
Cow Harbour Construction Ltd. CCAA 7-Apr-2010
Craiglee Nursing Home Limited Receivership, Interim Receivership 28-Apr-2009
Credifinance Securities Limited Bankruptcy 24-Aug-2009
Crocus Investment Fund Receivership 28-Jun-2005
D'Angelo Brands Ltd. and 1540633 Ontario Inc. (Steelback Breweries) CCAA 15-Nov-2007
Davie Yards Inc. CCAA 25-Feb-2010
Distinctive Designs Furniture Inc. Proposal 27-Jul-2007
Domfer Metal Powders Holdings LTD. Bankruptcy, Interim Receivership 13-Sep-2007
Euro-tech Services Ltd. Bankruptcy, Receivership 4-Feb-2010
Evergreen Gaming Corporation and Washington Gaming, Inc CCAA 15-Apr-2009
Fair Sky Resources Inc. and Fair Sky Minerals Inc. Interim Receivership 7-Dec-2007
Financial Transport Inc, Freightliner of Kingston Inc., Global Transport Insurance Brokers Inc Bankruptcy, Receivership 4-Feb-2010
Groupe Khéops Inc. et Bois Khéops Inc. (french only) CCAA 25-Mar-09
Golden Hill Ventures Ltd. and Golden Hill Ventures LP Receivership 14-Dec-2009
Great Glasses Receivership 2-Jul-2010
Greening Donald Co. Ltd. Bankruptcy, CCAA 17-Nov-2006
Harwell Hesco Electric Supply Co. Limited Bankruptcy, Receivership, Interim Receivership 2-Mar-2009
Heritage Homes by Invidiata (Phase 3) Inc. Construction Trustee 5-Feb-2005
I. Waxman & Sons Limited Bankruptcy, Receivership 26-Mar-2007
Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. CCAA 30-Apr-2010
Ledco Limited Bankruptcy 24-Jan-2008
Lincoln Park Inc. Liquidator 16-Oct-2009
Mariposa Stores Limited Partnership CCAA 1-Feb-2008
NEFCO Furniture Ltd. Bankruptcy, Interim Receivership 15-Dec-2008
NIR Diagnostics Inc. Bankruptcy, Receivership, Interim Receivership 8-Oct-2008
Northern Star Mining & Jake Resources Bankruptcy 25-Jan-2011
Paragon Health Care Inc. Receivership 24-Jan-2006
Piper Resources Ltd. Bankruptcy, Receivership, CCAA 15-Feb-2008
Peace Country Freightliner Inc. Bankruptcy, Receivership 28-May-2008
Pebercan Inc. CBCA 10-Jul-2009
Penn-Tek Truss & Floor Systems Inc. Bankruptcy, Receivership 16-May-2008
Perera Shawnee Ltd. and Perera Development Corporation Receivership 3-May-2010
Planet Organic Health Corp. CCAA 29-Apr-2010
Product Excellence Inc. CCAA 4-Aug-2009
Puratone Corporation CCAA  12-Sep-2012
Red Zoo Marketing Receivership 22-May-2009
Riley Resources Receivership 26-May-2011
Royal Doulton Canada Limited - Waterford Wedgwood Canada Inc. Bankruptcy, Receivership 26-Mar-2009
SAAN Stores Ltd. CCAA 28-Dec-2007
Sabourin et al Receivership 5-Oct-2007
Sahara Energy Ltd. Bankruptcy 4-Jun-2010
Saponin Inc. Receivership 21-Dec-2010
Smurfit-Stone Container Canada Inc. CCAA 26-Jan-2009
Stanfield Mining Group CCAA 26-May-2011
Steelcin Developments Ltd. Receivership 26-Oct-2010
Tenor Development by Time Developments Ltd. Receivership 19-Feb-2010
TerreStar Networks Inc. CCAA 19-Oct-2010
Thornhill Green Co-operative Homes Inc. Receivership 26-Jun-2007
Thunder Bay Fine Papers Inc. Receivership 29-Oct-2008
Tri-Graphic Printing (Ottawa) Limited (“Tri- Graphic”) Bankruptcy 20-Aug-2009
Trinity Pointe Development by Time Developments Ltd. Receivership 11-Mar-2010
Tuesday Equities Ltd. and Prince Royal L.P. Bankruptcy 10-Mar-2011
Tuesday Equities Ltd. & Prince Royal Limited Partnership Receivership 26-May-2010
Whitemud Resources Inc. Proposal, Receivership 15-Dec-2010
Winalta Inc. Receivership, CCAA 27-Apr-2010
Groupe Khéops inc. et Bois Khéops inc. CCAA 25-Mar-2009
Lasik Vision Canada Inc. and Lasik Vision Corporation Bankruptcy 4-Apr-2001