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#myTMT – Five ways to create the perfect video keynote

My TMT Prediction is...You can submit your “My TMT prediction is...” video using a PowerPoint or Keynote document. Both software offer the feature to save your presentation in video format. Contestants who find it easier to convey their ideas with a presentation instead of a video can use this option.

1. Concept

Whether your prediction is about technology, media or telecommunications, you must define the concept that will win the votes of your audience and convince the members of the jury. Whether you’re using colours, graphics or cartoons, make sure your delivery is original, so you can hook your audience. Since you only have 60 seconds, the simplest concept is likely the one to generate the most votes.

2. Illustrate

If one of your slides contains more than 10 words, ask yourself if an image or a sound might better convey your message.

Since PowerPoint has the “Record Narration” feature, you can record your voice-over using a webcam or an external microphone. When used with Garageband, Keynote offers the same feature on a Mac. Make sure you set the reading options in QuickTime’s Inspector.

3. White out

If you have delivered training or keynote presentations in the past, you know that you must not alienate your audience with overloaded pages. Your video must have some drive, but too many images and details will create confusion around your message. And keep in mind that this guideline becomes crucial for a 60-second video. Plan for no more than 10-20 pages for your presentation.

4. Add rhythm

As in a music video, we must feel the rhythm. Rest assured, you won’t be asked to dance. Both the narrator’s voice and your arguments must carry the rhythm, though. To support it, you can add in some background music.

5. Export to video format

Your presentation is now complete. You have a catchy concept, nice illustrations and a story that flows. You can now move to the step of creating a video file. In PowerPoint, simply select File > Export to video format. In Keynote, select the Export... > QuickTime tab. In both cases, you’ll get a video file in .mov format that you can then submit for the contest on Facebook or YouTube.

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