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#myTMT – How to produce a successful TMT prediction video

"My TMT Prediction is..." video tips from Deloitte Canada

My TMT Prediction is...Deloitte Canada offers you a set of 10 guidelines to help you create your “My TMT Prediction is...” video in a simple and efficient manner.

1. The right idea

Talking about a topic you know is always best. Whether it’s technology, media or telecommunications, you need to present the key arguments supporting your prediction. Prepare a very simple script conveying some keywords and phrases that will hook your audience and ensure your idea comes across clearly.

2. The right camera

“My TMT prediction is...” is a video contest, but the key component is the prediction itself. If you don’t having access to a professional video camera, a DV camera or webcam will do the trick. Your video will be viewed on the Internet, not on a movie screen.

3. The right image

Whether you’re using a video camera or a webcam, you need to ensure the environment has enough light. Otherwise, the image may look grainy and that could cloud out your sunny disposition. Before recording your video, find an area where the light is sufficient. Make sure the light is always facing you (avoid back lighting).

4. The right sound

The sound quality is as important as the image, if not more. Once again, controlling the environment is essential. Avoid using rooms filled with echoes and noises, unless they add a twist to your video. It is best to use an external microphone – such as a stand microphone or a tie microphone – to help you perform.

5. The right pace

Your script must support your presentation. Therefore, it must not be read word-for-word, as this will quickly turn off your audience. Use short sentences and stress keywords for each of the arguments you’re putting forth. While there is no perfect pace, make sure you find yours.

If you’re opting for an illustration-based video, ensure your images are balanced over the allotted 60 seconds. Too many images and your audience will drop off; too few, and they will get bored.

6. The right smile

If you plan to appear in your video, dress and position yourself comfortably. Your smile will tell us you’re enjoying presenting your TMT prediction. Keep in mind that 70% of your delivery is nonverbal.

7. The right montage

If you’re filming, making a one-take video of 60 seconds is best. Since this isn’t always easy to achieve, you may need some montage to tweak your video and render it dynamic.
You can use any of these free video editing programs: Movie Maker for Windows, iMovie for Mac and Kdenlive for Linux.

8. The right format

Now that you have edited and finalized your video, you must prepare a file to release it online. If you’re producing a high-definition (HD) video, the size must be 1280 x 720 pixels. For traditional DV quality, the size is 640 x 480 pixels.

To offer the best quality on online video-sharing sites, the file must be encoded in h.264 MP4 format for the video, and in 256 kbps AAC format for the audio. You can certainly upload your video on Facebook or YouTube in another format, but the quality won’t be as good as the original.

9. The right text

A video released over the web must come with some explanatory text. This text serves two purposes. First, dynamic contextual information entices the audience to watch the video. Second, this information really helps improve the indexing of your video in search engines.

10. The right promotion

Once your video is online, your journey has just begun. Share it with your community, friends, coworkers, relatives and neighbours to win their support and have them vote for your video and share it with other people. Social media sites – Facebook being the most popular – offer infinite promoting capabilities. Keep in mind that a moderate use of such sites will secure the engagement of the community, as its members will appreciate having their privacy respected.

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