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Operational Excellence

Delivering value through your business operations

OperationalexcellenceOperational excellence (OE) is a competitive advantage: it translates to increased production flexibility, improved customer responsiveness, and cost minimization. We can advise on all aspects of your business operations to streamline functions and optimize performance. We bring proven diagnostics, methodologies, and tools to improve your business processes, organizational capabilities and performance management skills. 

Our practice offers the following services:

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Accounting, information and control systems
  • Corporate Governance and Reporting
  • Integrated Performance Management
  • Operational and strategic reviews
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Corporate organisation
  • Finance & Accounting System Design and Implementation

Our team believes that businesses can achieve OE. OE provides a direct channel to improving shareholder value, where thinking and doing is perfectly positioned to deliver transformational results. Across all sectors of the economy improving productivity and driving value through core business operations is a priority for senior executives and stakeholders. Organisations seeking to increase the efficiency of their operations need to streamline their core operational processes and eliminate waste.

Operations excellence leverages a combination of three points - cost reduction, productivity improvement and pricing practices - to deliver sustainable performance change to your organisation. Utilising a set of best-practice tools and proven methodologies and techniques, Deloitte can help you with:

  • Enterprise lean and six sigma
  • Enterprise cost reduction
  • Outsourcing advisory services
  • Transactional pricing assessments

With the current financial crisis, the times of strong growth and profitability in the Private Banking market have - at least for now - come to an end. External conditions make the future challenging and complex. In this environment, Operational Excellence (OE) serves as a strategic differentiator. It positions the bank as an execution leader in balancing service quality and effectiveness with cost of delivery by alignment and optimisation of its organisation, processes, technology and partnerships.

Deloitte’s Private Banking OE framework ensures that enterprise performance is addressed in a comprehensive way by providing principles for guiding the bank’s development, laying a strong foundation with operational building blocks, and integrating key stakeholders’ perspectives. OE is a strategic initiative, because its ultimate goal is to increase the bank’s enterprise value by aligning and optimising its overall organisation, processes, technology and partnerships.

Based on an as-is analysis and comparison to best practice excellence principles, an OE target state will be realised by defining and implementing measures for all building blocks for OE-related transformation.

Deloitte project experience suggests that various benefits can be ensured:

  • Reduction in sales planning time (≤ 20%)
  • Increase in customer contacts (≤ 10%)
  • Increase in client facing time (≤ 20%)
  • Increase in Assets under Management and administration (≤ 9%)
  • Reduction in error rates (≤ 40%) and processing time (≤ 40%)
  • Decrease in product development and management costs (≤ 15%)
  • Increase in bottom line profitability (≤ 10%)

We believe that 20 keys is the best system that leads to operations excellence, because it does more than just bring together twenty of the world's top operations improvement approaches; it integrates these individual methods into a closely interrelated system for revolutionizing every aspect of your organization.

1. Cleaning & Organizing to Make Work Easy
2. Rationalizing the System / Goal Alignment
3. Small Group Activities
4. Reducing Work-in-Process
5. Quick Changeover Technology
6. Kaizen of Operations
7. Zero Monitor Manufacturing / Production
8. Coupled Manufacturing / Production
9. Maintaining Machines & Equipment
10. Workplace Discipline
11. Quality Assurance
12. Developing your Suppliers
13. Eliminating Waste
14. Empowering Employees to Make Improvements
15. Skill Versatility and Cross Training
16. Production Scheduling
17. Efficiency Control
18. Using Information Systems
19. Conserving Energy and Materials
20. Leading Technology / Site Technology