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Risk transformation

Build new levels of risk value

Risk transformation

Managing risk has become paramount within Australian businesses over the last decade.

The ability to analyse risk through analytics enables clients to have enhanced transparency, resulting in better management and understanding of the regulatory environment, competitive landscape, capital, liquidity, funding, and cost and performance pressures.

Risk transformation offers:

  • A strategic platform for analysing data and enhancing organisational risk management capabilities
  • A holistic view of risk
  • An integrated method of addressing risk-related business needs
  • Facilitated identification of risk-related challenges
  • A menu of options to empower careful selection of where to focus resources and efforts
  • Improved visibility of aggregate risk positions to support effective and time-efficient management.

Volatile markets have also required organisations to be nimble and respond to challenges that could potentially affect their productivity. There’s a real need for them to be empowered to handle challenges in capital, operational, technological and risk management efficiencies with a view to driving shareholder value.


Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value


Our team reviews how organisations can revisit their business models whilst improving operation effectiveness and become more customer centric.


Integration of risk and strategy


We help our clients understand their portfolio view of risks, amplifying the implications of key risks across group, divisional and operational levels. Through this approach we aim to deliver a clearer understanding of the underlying risks that affect the achievement of strategy, and how strategic outcomes may vary under various operating scenarios.


Establish and embed risk appetite


Our team demystifies risks for senior management and helps them to incorporate risk strategy into business planning, decision-making strategies and operational risk reporting.


Foster a risk-intelligent culture


We cultivate a risk-aware culture through communication to help employees anticipate the implications of risks on the business, while equipping them with the tools required to respond appropriately.


Risk management roles and responsibilities


The team clarifies roles and responsibilities for risk management across the business, to help enable agile decision-making.

Risk management technology


By leveraging the use of technology and data our team helps enable a ‘Risk Intelligent Enterprise’.

Benchmarking maturity assessment


We create a structured approach to enable assessment of the relative maturity of the risk management and governance frameworks.


Public Sector


For government organisations, managing risk and assessing vulnerabilities involves everything from understanding the impacts of macro-level public policy changes, supervising contracts and grants, and protecting information systems and data from theft or loss, to anticipating macro-level changes in the global economy. Good risk management helps public agencies to be effective, efficient and accountable to the public.


Financial Services


Financial institutions are facing continuing pressure from regulators on one side and shareholders on the other. Working to balance the former’s expectations for higher levels of capital and the latter’s for superior returns; senior executives and boards are focusing on improving risk management and governance and deploying capital more efficiently.


Energy and Resources


Effective management of risk is crucial to the success of energy and resource projects – management is finding it increasingly necessary to embed risk management into everyday business processes. While many companies have begun this journey, there is still much to do in order for the competitive advantage of risk to be grasped.



Gartner has recognised Deloitte globally for our expertise and we have been awarded the highest rating, ‘Strong Positive’, for Global Enterprise Risk Management Consulting Services. We were also recognised by Hypatia Research Group as a global leader in Risk Consulting.

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Matthew Sains Matthew Fraser Richard Jamieson Carl Gerrard




Global risk management survey of financial institutions, eighth edition

Interview with Peter Matruglio on Sky Business News [4.57mins]


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