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Work, health and safety

From traditional to transformative

Work, Health and Safety (WHS, OHS)

Few things influence overall organisational strategy, business outcomes and the mental health and well-being of the workforce quite as profoundly as safety.

Businesses as a consequence have an imperative to embed safety practices, increase efficiency and build engagement of their people. These investments can be significant and there can be significant pressure to measure return on these investments.

Deloitte’s holistic approach to safety means we create the right level of oversight and awareness of the true performance of organisational safety. 

We help organisations meet their work health and safety obligations, protecting people and profits, to create sustainable, long-term improvements in safety performance.


45 Degrees – The Business of SafetyTM


We have come to realise that safety outcomes are often influenced by wider organisational issues, causing workplace health incidents and impacting overall efficiency and productivity.

We offer a breakthrough approach that helps organisations identify and resolve the business issues that put workers at risk. Rather than implementing generic safety-specific measures, Deloitte helps clients with a tailored and collaborative program to transform operations from within, engaging leaders and workers in significantly improving safety, and business.


Mock Courts


Our team provides a unique, interactive and innovative training for business leaders and their work teams, led by former WorkCover lawyers. Based on a real life case, the simulated Mock Court prosecution challenges our client’s thinking, pushes attendees out of their comfort zone, galvanises actions and demonstrates health and safety management responsibility in a fun and high impact way.

The objective of the Mock Court is to provoke attendees to re-evaluate the priority of work health and safety as well as understanding their personal responsibility and actions they need to take in order to ensure the organisation’s system is being maintained. We also prepare and facilitate tailored WHS hypotheticals.


Advisory services


We offer a range of advisory services including surveys, culture change, strategy, safety leadership, risk profiling and assessment, injury management, WorkCover intervention and expert reporting.

Assessments and inspections


We offer our clients internal audits, compliance audits, site inspections, self-insurance audits, certification preparation, FSC, ISO, quality management systems including policy and procedure design and implementation.

Business and strategic assessments and gap analyses


We analyse our clients’ work health and safety management systems, interface processes and culture using standards and strategic work health and safety objectives; creating a business case for improvement and a platform for change.



Our training programs educate our clients on their legal and personal health and safety accountabilities, develop control strategies for worker and employers and inform our clients about the various health and safety roles and their value. WHS training packages include ‘Due Diligence for Officers’, ‘Incident Investigation and Analysis’, ‘Managing Contractor Risk’ and many more.



Led and managed by our team of former WorkCover lawyers, police prosecutors and detectives, we conduct investigations into critical incidents, bullying and harassment allegations, aiming to mitigate risks of criminality and advice to prevent future reoccurrence.


Consumer Business and Transport


When faced with technology change, sector convergence, and the push for greater efficiencies, customer experience and shareholder returns; organisations within Consumer Business and Transport may be challenged to meet their performance objectives and establish and achieve the right work health and safety outcomes.

What’s more the tourism and agribusiness sectors are identified as high growth potential over the next 20 years and fit the high risk sectors identified by Safe Work Australia as requiring greater focus to deliver on the health and safety workplace needs of the nation over the next ten years.

Work health safety advice for organisations in this industry must be provided with the right understanding of the specific industry drivers, regulations and the risks that need to be addressed both now and into the future.


Energy and Resources


Organisations in the Energy and Resources industry often operate in high risk environments and whilst many may have relatively mature outlooks in safety compared to other industries, there are many opportunities to identify, define and solve complex safety performance issues.

Safe Work Australia has also identified the gas sector requires greater focus to deliver on the health and safety workplace needs of the nation over the next ten years; a particularly relevant consideration given gas is identified as a high growth sector over the next 20 years.

Couple this growth agenda and high risk environment with productivity challenges, financing model changes, digital disruption and business model changes and it is clear the Energy and Resources industry faces many risk challenges that require safety advice specific to their industry needs.


Financial Services


The Financial Services industry is seeking to improve governance structures, performance and shareholder returns, leverage digital disruption and address cost pressures. When addressing each of these growth and change items, there are multiple work health and safety implications and the advice provided requires a true understanding of the industry issues and regulations.


Public Sector


Service delivery reform, public sector efficiency, funding pressures, digital disruption and shortages in workforce and capacity are all significant issues driving change and risk considerations in the Public Sector.

When advising on work health safety strategy, programs and performance for departments and agencies, a true understanding of the issues across the sectors and industry is required.


Technology, Media and Telecommunications


When faced with convergence, business model changes and digital disruption, organisations within the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry require risk and work health and safety advice that is tailored to their specific needs.


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