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Continuity and resilience

Effective crisis management through preparation and timely response

Changing economic settings, increased threats and disasters and spiralling costs of disruptions are converging to create a new risk environment, threatening the continuity of businesses.

Organisations are realising that strengthening their ability to continue business in the face of disruption is crucial to survival.

Drawing on world-wide experience and global knowledge of business continuity and resilience, we provide insightful perspectives to strengthening our clients’ capability to respond to, and thrive from, high consequence events and disruptions.

We help our clients:

  • Identify and anticipate disruptions that could seriously impact operations, damage reputation and destroy shareholder value
  • Demystify whether a business is resilient enough to recover quickly from any setback and what needs to be established if they are not.

Our team has the skills and knowledge to deliver robust business continuity programs, disaster recovery solutions and assist our clients to learn from their experiences.


Business continuity management and resilience


We build an overall approach for effective risk management including the processes to follow in the event of a disruption or crisis.

IT disaster recovery consulting


We help our clients create designs and strategies to enable the continuity of essential IT systems processes in the case of a disaster.

Crisis management


We work with our clients to develop strategies to deal with major events that could threaten an organisation - before, during and after they have occurred.


Consumer Business and Transport


As supply chains extend and become more complex and obscure, and in an environment which requires efficient and cost-effective delivery - understanding critical relationships, essential products and potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain are vital.

Environmental disasters, financial collapse and infrastructure failures are events which threaten the ability to sustain availability of products or services as demanded by customers.

Understanding the suppliers that are vulnerable to such threats and how production and distribution will be impacted are often overlooked, or seen as being too difficult to resolve.

Being able to maintain channels of supply and access to services and products despite any disruptions will provide competitive edge and through our industry risk experience we provide our clients the insight to understand, prepare for and respond to disruptive events.


Energy and Resources


Through our deep understanding of Energy and Resources issues and benchmarked risk practices, we can provide our clients the insight and experience to understand, prepare for and respond to disruptive events.

Even more so in this industry, a high risk environment and a high demand for supply means understanding vulnerabilities in infrastructure, process and capability are critical to developing risk-focussed disruption management plans.


Financial Services


Financial organisations are recognising that regulators expectations are moving from a focus on compliance standards, to deeply embedding business continuity capability within the organisation, and aligning that capability closely with enterprise risk activities.

Coupled with this move, organisations are gaining a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities that might disrupt their business through data analytics and customer expectation demands flexibility, adaptability and reliability in the delivery of products and services through multiple channels.

To meet the needs of financial organisations in a disruptive environment; robust and stress-tested resilience programs balanced with a deep industry understanding is recommended.


Public Sector


The Australian public expects robust Public Sector governance and services; however with the close links between many departments and agencies a disruption or crisis to one body can impact others.

To continue to deliver services efficiently, particularly during a disruption, it is essential for the Public Sector to be resilient to threats which might impact the delivery of services.

Through our deep understanding of the industry, we can provide our clients the insight and experience to understand, prepare for and respond to disruptive events to support service continuity.


Technology, Media and Telecommunications


We can help our clients retain customer relationships and protect brand reputation through implementing cost effective resilient programs to direct investment into necessary and essential technologies and services.

Understanding the benchmarked practices and critical issues for this industry is even more relevant during periods of change and convergence driven by the post-digital forces of data, cloud, mobility, social and cyber.


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