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Program leadership

Strategy into action through programs and projects

Deloitte | Program leadership

Capital and corporate programs are the primary means for organisations to deliver their business strategy. While the expenditure on these programs is both significant and an increasing proportion of business expenditure, it is actually the failure to deliver programs’ expected outcomes and business benefits in a timely fashion that impact an organisation’s ability to manage their expenditure and the ever-increasing pace of change.

Put simply… Well delivered programs equal better business while poorly delivered programs will result in a fall in profits. Read more...Read less

In the past five years we have seen Australian companies spending an unprecedented amount on major capital programs. In many cases, the success of these programs has been critical to the overall success of the company and the ability to meet business objectives is directly linked to the success and/or failure of these programs.

Surveys over the same period have shown that up to 40% of programs failed to deliver on time and on budget due to being poorly conceived or managed. Furthermore, of those programs that do succeed in delivering on time and budget, fewer than half yielded the benefits that were originally expected.

With tight capital budgets and mounting regulatory requirements, the increasing complexity of large programs means business leaders are feeling increasing pressure to deliver results. This has led to organisations rethinking how programs need to be managed to protect business value, including:

  • Financial value - better management practices across the full program life-cycle for the development and control of program costs
  • Operational value - a more integrated, portfolio view of program delivery focused on program delivery and operational readiness with increased organisational accountability
  • Reputational value - the development and standardisation of a sophisticated and comprehensive program assurance approach to maintain stakeholder or market confidence
  • Knowledge value - increasing recognition of the difficulty in attracting and retaining top program talent and institutional memory, while embedding a culture of continuous improvement.

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Deloitte has a long history of supporting our clients to develop and deliver effective corporate strategies and turn policy into practical delivery. Our dedicated and experienced Program Leadership team can help you realise better business value from your most complex and critical programs. We provide clients with a range of services tailored to their individual needs:


Deloitte | Strategy into action

Portfolio management

Executing strategies and policies through programs/projects that balance the release of value, cost, equity, risk appetite, key stakeholder expectations and outcomes.


Deloitte | Transformation services

Transformation services

Developing and executing complex, multi-dimensional transformational programs and operating reforms.


Deloitte | Lifecycle services

Lifecycle services

Specialist program services related to: assessing feasibility and requirements, developing business cases, gateway reviews, assessing program risk, and realising benefits.


Deloitte | program management

Program management

Assisting the development of programs and multiple projects (including knowledge transfer) with specialised capacity, capability, methodology and infrastructure.


Deloitte | Interim project management resource

Interim project management resource

Assisting in the development of specific projects (including knowledge transfer) with specialised capacity, capability, methodology and infrastructure.


Deloitte | Program assurance

Program assurance

Providing review and/or remediation reporting on projects and programs to help assure management and boards that projects are delivering the expected value.


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