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What our clients are telling us

Program leadership

While every program is unique, our experience in helping our clients to successfully deliver their programs has taught us that many of the program and operational challenges faced by organisations are common.

Here are just some of the things that clients have asked us to help with recently:

  • Our programs are not sufficiently under control… Can you help us develop appropriate governance and assurance processes and procedures?
  • Enabling the right individuals to make good decisions in a timely fashion, based on quality information, is at the heart of good governance. We help our clients to design, deploy and embed robust governance frameworks to clearly articulate and apportion program management responsibilities and accountabilities, supported by leading practice reporting and independent assurance.
  • Our capital budgets are being rationalised… Can you help us identify best value, trapped equity and potential waste from our current projects and programs?
  • In isolation, project budgets can seem appropriate to meet the task at hand. However, looked at through the lens of the organisational portfolio we can see that “scale changes everything” and contingency planning may lead to trapped equity or comprehensive stakeholder management may lead to organisational change fatigue and reduced productivity. We help our clients to take a holistic view of their programs and develop strategies to better manage their programs individually and collectively.
  • Senior management feel blind to the risks in their programs… Can you help us to develop our performance and risk reporting to track our programs?
  • It is not uncommon for program reporting to be neither transparent nor comparable across the full portfolio or for senior management to learn about the existence and/or gravity of issues too late to respond effectively. We help our clients to build effective program reporting tools based on a common language, open dialogue and a transparent, risk aware culture.
  • We have a list of initiatives taking place and are not sure that we are focused on the right things… Can you help us prioritise our efforts on those programs most likely to deliver our strategy?
  • As program portfolios become more diverse, the need for senior management to be able to aggregate and compare project, program and portfolio information or prioritisation becomes more critical. We help our clients to standardise their program development and performance measurement processes to enable cross-portfolio comparative reviews and continuous monitoring of portfolio performance.
  • We are about to embark, or have already, on a period of increased capital investment, but do not have the required level of capacity or capability in the organisation… Can you help transfer leading practice or augment delivery throughout this period?
  • Often, programs that support corporate transformation and/or commercial growth strategies can be unique and unfamiliar to an organisation. They require skills not currently found in the existing staff base, which can delay program delivery or distract focus from operational responsibilities. Deloitte has access to the world's largest pool of consultants, with the relevant program and sector experience, to work on your programs and develop, deliver and embed the requisite program skills.
  • We keep experiencing the same problems each time we deliver a project… Can you help us to create a learning and knowledge sharing environment within our organisation to support continuous program improvement?
  • Too often, organisations are either too pressured or lacking some critical knowledge and so do not evaluate and incorporate the lessons of past experiences when delivering new programs. Deloitte’s experienced practitioners can manage program needs, while embedding a culture of continuous improvement based on internal and external benchmarking, knowledge sharing, skills transfer and leading practice.
  • Board and/or shareholder confidence needs to be restored… Can you undertake an independent, professional review of our program(s)?
  • Deloitte can undertake an independent assurance review of the delivery of a program and/or an organisation’s program management maturity. We believe our program management experience, coupled with our ability to integrate a deep understanding of management best practices, positions us uniquely to provide an independent, objective, professional view of a program’s ability to meet expectations.

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