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Diversity - Case studies

Diversity and inclusion by design: best practices from six global companies
What do diversity and inclusion “best practice” companies do that shifts the needle and makes them stand out from the crowd? Are there lessons that can be applied across industries? A focus on customer centricity is a unifying theme in interviews with six global leaders.
Global case studies, July 2014 

The business case for diversity management in the hospitality industry
Is diversity management more important in service industries, such as hospitality and tourism (HT), than manufacturing and technology? Recent American research demonstrates investing in diversity management predicts financial performance across all industries, but for HT, which is characterised by diverse employees and customers, it matters even more.
American academic research, July 2014 

A comparative study on acceptance of cultural diversity and gender diversity among employees in IT industry, Bangalore
Globalisation of the IT industry, particularly in India, has created tremendous competitive advantages for many multinationals, but have these multinationals considered the highly diverse nature of their workforce and employees’ level of acceptance of this diversity?
Indian academic research, July 2014 

Biased pre-decisional processing of leading and non-leading alternatives
We often assume that we can evaluate information objectively – but is that really true? Do we fairly assess alternatives before making a decision? Recent American research suggests from the moment we make our first choice between alternatives we start to pre-determine the outcome by increasingly preferring the “leader” choice and increasingly distancing the “trailer”.
United States academic research, April 2014 

Great leaders who make the mix work
How do you move from recognising the value of diversity to executing it? Most organisations recognise the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion, but many still struggle with the execution. This leaves leaders with the ultimate challenge of figuring out how they can successfully make the diversity ‘mix’ work in their organisation. This article explores why 24 CEO’s identify diversity and inclusion as strategic and how they go about executing on this priority.
United States case studies, March 2014

Data in practice: Creating an evidence based diversity strategy – interview with the NSW Department of Finance and Services (DFS)
How do you create a great evidence based diversity strategy? This was the question on the minds of team at the NSW DFS when they distributed their diversity and inclusion diagnostic. In this interview, we find out why they chose to conduct the survey, what they learned, and what they plan to do next armed with this rich data set.
Australian case study, February 2014 

Interview with Mike Henry (President, HSEC, Marketing & Technology, BHP Billiton): Reflections on investing in leaders to accelerate diversity and inclusion outcomes
Does investing in leaders accelerate organisational diversity and inclusion outcomes? Having spent 18 months working with the Marketing business unit of BHP Billiton we asked the leader, Mike Henry for his reflections. A man of humility, logic and quiet consideration, Mike talks about the importance of collective commitment, being pushed outside his comfort zone and the impact of investing in diversity and inclusion.
Singapore interview, April 2013

Interview with Giam Swiegers: Lessons learned about advancing women in the workplace
Advancing women in the workplace: What’s the view like from the top? Giam has been CEO of Deloitte Australia for the past ten years and continues to be the driving force behind the advancement of women at the firm. Under his leadership, in 2012 Deloitte was recognised for the 11th successive year as an “Employer of Choice for Women” by EOWA* as well as being awarded “Inclusive Workplace of the Year” in the AHRI Diversity Awards.
Australian interview, February 2013 

Design Thinking leveraging diversity of thought
Systems thinking. Integrative thinking. Design thinking. Diversity of thought. Left brained. Right brained. Whole brained. The character of our thinking seems to be the new competitive currency. So how can we leverage Design Thinking and diversity of thought when creating our future?
Australian case study, September 2012

The Diversity Business Case: Lose distractions, drive real business
Diversity increases business returns! Erika Karp, Managing Director and Head of Global Sector Research at UBS Securities LLC, highlights how embracing diversity of thought drives innovation, increases revenue and return on investment (ROI). Erika argues an open culture helps remove the focus on perceived ‘differences’, breaks down tension and allows employees to focus on the business at hand.
American Interview June 2012

Operatives' experiences of cultural diversity on Australian construction sites
The construction industry is one of the largest and most culturally diverse industries in Australia, with approximately 20% of all workers born overseas. What are the ramifications of this diversity, both in terms of potential inter-group tensions as well as communication?
Australian case study, November 2011

Interview with Michael Luscombe, CEO of Woolworths Ltd
Michael Luscombe shared his view 'from the top', just prior to his retirement as CEO of one of Australia's largest listed companies and employers. We hear his perspective on the role he has played in driving cultural change and improving diversity, particularly the advancement of women.
Australian case study, August 2011

Creating the 'light bulb moment': Unconscious bias leadership awareness training at Freehills
In this interview Gareth Bennett, the HRD at Freehills (an Australian legal firm) discusses Freehills' concerted efforts to address the issue of the retention of highly talented women and their opportunities for advancement, and the 'light bulb moment' when Freehills ran unconscious bias leadership training in 2010/2011.
Australian case study, July 2011

Where to start? Collecting insightful data to set the strategic diversity direction at AGL
In this interview Jane Thomas, Group Head People and Culture, AGL Energy Limited (an Australian Utility) talks about how AGL started its diversity journey by undertaking a diagnostic process to provide its Diversity Council with insightful data to set the strategic direction and allocating resources to implement change.
Australian case study, July 2011

Numbers, numbers, numbers: The power of diversity metrics and accountability at Deloitte Australia
In this interview Margaret Dreyer, Audit Partner and Inspiring Women Lead Partner at Deloitte talks about Deloitte's focus on the impact of creating diversity metrics and accountabilities for leaders in relation to the development and retention of women.
Australian case study, July 2011

Understanding diversity managers' role in organisational change
A key player in the implementation of a diversity & inclusion agenda is the diversity manager. What exactly does that role entail, who is best suited to being a change agent, and how can they play a strategic role in organisational change?
UK research and Australian case study, January 2011

Embracing cultural diversity and inclusion at Credit Suisse
In this article the Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Asia Pacific, reflects on the strategies, policies, initiatives, and networks that Credit Suisse has implemented to create an inclusive atmosphere, and the business benefits that follow.
Global case study, February 2009

Johnson and Johnson Medical
We interviewed one of our clients, who have used two of our interactive training techniques at recent leadership conferences, to provide us with their perspective on the outcomes of these methodologies in supporting their diversity journey.
Australian case study, May 2008

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