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Prosperity levers for business

Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave

The challenge for leaders is to determine where their company sits on the map and how to move closer to prosperity.

There are plenty of actions leaders can take to help move organisations ‘up and to the right’ in our prosperity map - either closer to global growth opportunities, or better equipped to capitalise on them. Ideally, they can achieve both moves to generate exceptional and lasting sources of future wealth for Australians. The potential pay-off is huge.

There are five primary levers that companies can use to consider how they are positioned to grow over the next decade and how they can move closer to proximity. These steps are effectively ways of hitting ‘forward’ and ‘fast forward’ to shape the future for our companies and Australia’s economy.

Prosperity levers for business

Opportunity radar

Superior sensing of growth pockets

  • Trends
  • Major shifts
  • Discontinuities

Structural advantage

Hard-wire positional advantage

  • Physical assets
  • Exclusive access rights
  • Intangible assets
  • Special relationships

Competency advantage

Create operating advantage

  • High quality talent
  • Institutionalisation of processes
  • Third parties

Portfolio mix

Raise portfolio growth rate

  • M&A
  • JV
  • Divestment

Resource allocation

Shift resources to increase exposure to growth

  • Investment dollars
  • Top talent.

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