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Digital Enterprise Framework

Deloitte has been at the vanguard of digital disruption, and advising local and international clients in this area, for more than 15 years now.

From being the first professional services firm to acquire its own in house online and mobile consulting capability some 14 years ago ( to more recently publishing and receiving global recognition for its work analysing the impacts of digital disruption across 18 industries. Deloitte has gained greater experience in the digital space.

Now, leveraging this history, thousands of relevant client projects around the world and drawing on the input of a number of multi-disciplinary Deloitte experts, Deloitte has developed a Digital Enterprise Framework designed to assist organisations more methodically consider the impacts and opportunities presented by digital disruption.

This tool includes more than 300 pages of content and analysis, including a framework that identifies the major building blocks of digital maturity. Its premise is to encourage organisations to think about digital disruption and digital transformation more broadly than just a website or app, looking specifically at what organisations can do across the three macro levers of revenue growth, cost reduction and organisational agility.

Are you making the right investments? Are you doing enough?

To discover more or schedule an opportunity to apply this framework to your business please contact us today. 

Digital Enterprise Framework

Sample case studies

Helping understand digital trends affecting the market

What was the digital issue?

The client, a leading telecommunications company, required a greater understanding of trends in digital technology and how these were affecting businesses, so that it could better align itself to take advantage of these changes.

How did Deloitte help?

Deloitte developed an Industry Index of Digital Readiness, to better understand which industries were most ready for change. Deloitte estimated that the market for developing mobile apps will be worth over half a billion dollars in the next three to five years, more than double its current size.

Deloitte also analysed the differences between Australian and overseas business trends, finding that while Australia’s purchase of new technologies was high, it lagged in their most sophisticated uses. The report also found key trends: the empowerment of consumers, changes being driven from inside organisations by employees and senior leadership driving more change.

What was the outcome?

As a result of the digital readiness report and investigation into digital changes affecting the globe and Australia, the client was far better positioned to adapt its customer, product and service strategies moving forward.

Cyber Transformation

What was the digital issue?

A local media client, a local mid-tier financial services organisation and a government department all wanted to pursue a security strategy that provided a solid foundation for their overall digital strategy pursuit. The security posture to date had been built on the back of compliance requirements and basic security that suited them in a non-web-based application environment. They had not considered in detail the security capabilities required of a fully web-enabled environment and how those capabilities would be sourced and delivered.

How did Deloitte help?

In each case, Deloitte used their Cyber Security Capability Model to assess the current state of security. We assisted each organisation to assess their level of risk and their risk appetite. We worked with them in determining their future state and the resultant gap. We developed a strategic and tactical plan and related projects for reducing the gap over time and achieving the desired future state.

What was the outcome?

The outcome was a clear strategy and plan, linked to both the risk and investment appetite of the organisations for how they would remediate their security gaps over a reasonable period of time. It allowed the business to understand what was required in both business and technology terms to receive appropriate resourcing and support.

Further, it provided the organisation with specific projects of work with approach, resourcing and timelines, as well as clear business-as-usual operating models and understanding of internal/external/outsources delivery and control in a more web-enabled environment.

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