VAT for non-Swedish entities

VAT in Sweden

Non-Swedish companies that sell goods and services in Sweden are in certain situations required to register for VAT in Sweden. We can assist you in this and in the Swedish rules for indirect taxes that sometimes can be complicated and cause you unnecessary costs.

VAT compliance can be a complex business, especially when doing business in a country where you may not be familiar with the local rules and regulations. Foreign companies with business activities in Sweden must often be registered for VAT in Sweden. Most non-EU-companies also need a VAT representative. We can assist your company in VAT and indirect taxes according to your needs.

Our experienced personnel are already handling VAT issues for many non-Swedish companies and would be happy to assist your company with:

  • VAT registration in Sweden
  • Deregistration from VAT in Sweden
  • VAT representative
  • VAT returns
  • EU Sales Lists
  • Intrastat reports
  • Contacts with the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Customs


Jonas Henriksson, Senior Manager, 075-246 20 35
Maria Gabrielsson, Associate, 075-246 31 48