Directors' Alert 2013: Lead or be Led

Deloitte report outlines top challenges organizations and their boards of directors are likely to face in 2013

Ladda ner bilagor  

In the post global financial crisis business environment, the boards that lead rather than being led will be the ones that have successfully adapted strategies to turn challenges into opportunities and leverage compliance requirements to their advantage, according to a new report by Deloitte’s Global Centre for Corporate Governance. The report entitled Directors’ Alert 2013: Lead or be led, includes insights from governance specialists from Deloitte member firms around the globe who have applied local and international perspectives on top boardroom priorities within the context of today’s business environment.

The report outlines 10 key issues that boards of directors may face in 2013:
1.Finding the best value for cash
2.Getting ahead of the next regulatory wave
3.Developing risk-aligned strategies
4.Strategy the key to winning the war for talent
5.Expecting the unexpected
6.Will your organization innovate its way to growth?
7.Creating an environment for superior performance
8.Cutting through the “white noise” in performance reporting
9.The board’s number one priority
10.Maintaining long-term consistency and short-term flexibility

Published 2013-01-18