Women in Manufacturing Report

Untapped resource: How manufacturers can attract, retain, and advance talented women

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In 2012, Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute set out to understand why manufacturing isn't attracting, retaining, and advancing its fair share of talented women. We surveyed more than 600 women in manufacturing, across functional roles and levels, to gain their perspectives on how effectively their companies recruit, retain, and advance women. We conducted one-on-one interviews with more than a dozen women in range of roles from senior leadership to individual contributors to gain their insights on human capital and talent development in the manufacturing industry. This article represents the collective voice of women in manufacturing and is intended to inform the strategies that manufacturing leaders are using to increase the number of women among their ranks.

Some leading strategies for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women include:

  1. Starting at the top
  2. Addressing gender bias head-on
  3. Creating a more flexible work environment
  4. Fostering sponsorship
  5. Promoting personal development
  6. Building a strong employer brand

To learn more, download the full report or visit www.deloitte.com/us/competitiveness .

Published: 2013-02-05