Fraud and Corruption Risk Management

Fraud and CorruptionFraud and Corruption Risk Management’s main objective is to augment and enhance your risk intelligence capabilities, to know the fraud and corruption risks facing your organisation and to implement the appropriate controls to treat the identified risks. We understand that your organisation wants to implement proactive measures to prevent and/or detect fraud and corruption. Not only do we recognise the need for having the appropriate policies and procedures in place to assist management with the prevention and early detection of fraud and corruption, but we also specifically recognise the need to empower your employees to know and understand the essence of fraud and corruption, how to report it and the impact thereof on their day to day activities.

We believe that the partnership between Deloitte and your organisation to implement fraud prevention and early detection measures will not only supplement your current control environment but will also proactively promote the ethical culture within your organisation. We recognise the need to introduce mechanisms to create an environment that is proactive and which will alert the organisation and its stakeholders to the importance of corporate governance in all their activities.
This can be achieved through the implementation of an integrated fraud and corruption risk management process. The main objectives of assisting your organisation with an integrated fraud and corruption risk management process will be to ensure that your organisation has the appropriate fraud and corruption prevention policies in place, that your organisation is fully aware of the current fraud and corruption risk areas that faces the entity, and lastly, ensure that your organisation has appropriate control measures in place to treat/mitigate the fraud and corruption risk areas identified – both preventative and detective controls which include for example fraud awareness training sessions, declaration of interests, end to end process descriptions for key business processes, continuous monitoring etc.  

We will provide an integrated fraud and corruption risk management, which will result in your organisation becoming risk intelligent and maintaining a robust and effective intelligence capability– specifically on fraud and corruption risks, greater oversight of your organisation’s fraud and corruption health and awareness by employees, effective diversion and/or allocation of resources to areas identified as high risk areas, pertinent and valuable input into your Fraud and Corruption Prevention Strategy, corrective measures can be implemented on a priority basis ensuring both cost effectiveness and maximum impact, and results collation and recommendations from leading Forensic experts. Using technology as part of the Integrated fraud and corruption risk management solution will provides continuous monitoring, improvement of fraud awareness of employees as a result of completing the surveys/questionnaires, the possibility of benchmarking yourself against your industry peers in a totally anonymous and secure manner, providing employees with the opportunity to highlight their concerns anonymously, minimal impact on your business operations as the tool is web based, effective real time statistics that can be presented to the relevant executives as part of your planning and current initiatives, the ability to conduct the surveys annually in order to gauge and report improvements or deteriorations in key areas, establishing your organisation as a market leader in the effective utilisation of technology in implementing effective Fraud Prevention and Detection, and results collation and recommendations from leading Forensic experts.