Sponsor and Designated Advisor Services

Deloitte Sponsor Services is an approved JSE sponsor and Designated Adviser to listed companies. Deloitte acts as an intermediary between its clients, the JSE Limited and the Takeover Regulation Panel dealing with a wide array of reporting, compliance and corporate action issues.

Deloitte project manages the entire process, interfacing between the company and securities regulators, making it seamless to clients and taking the pressure of corporate actions away from the operating environment.

Deloitte also provides general Guidance and Advice regarding the application of the SA Companies Act on listed entities.

With Sponsor Services, positioned within the Deloitte Corporate Finance division, our clients have access to a wide array of Advisory and Transaction support services, as required.

Key Services Offerings

Sponsor support services

  • Application of JSE listings requirements
  • TRP offer documents
  • Company announcements e.g. dividends, cautionary and category 2 transactions
  • Circulars to shareholders
  • JSE compliance on financial results and corporate finance announcements
  • Applications for listings or de-listings
  • Change of directors, directors dealings and related SENS announcements
  • Competition commission issues
  • Reserve Bank applications
  • Rights offers
  • Foreign asset transactions
  • General communication with the JSE and TRP