Information Technology Outsourcing Solutions

Deloitte will nurture your critical data and assist you with in the cloud solutions. Integration of information systems, new structures, business processes and reallocation of functions and powers, to name but a few, has indeed created a new and challenging business environment.

Our Services

Information Technology Outsourcing Solutions (ITO) provides a variety of IT products and services including:

  • Infrastructure Support: Deloitte administers and maintains wide and local area networks on behalf of clients.
  • Hosting and maintenance: We host mission-critical systems and servers requiring more than 99% up-time. This includes backup and disaster recovery services that are aligned to the new King III requirements.
  • System Support: Deloitte offers custom-developed solutions with workflow functionality that can integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
  • Web Technology: We offer services that develop and support websites, maintain websites and have developed an online registration system for events administration. This system is integrated to e-mail and sms functionality.
  • Portals: Custom-design and developed portals for closed communities of users that want to share Information on websites. The system has version control functionality for tracking of documentation posted on the site, and also the ability to integrate with SMS and e-mail functionality.