Shared Services

A shared service organisation can improve efficiency and control, give business units deeper support and enable more people to focus on what they do best. However, to achieve these benefits requires detailed planning, coordination and hard work.

We help companies develop and implement back-office service delivery models that align customer service, enabling technology and service level strategies to eliminate redundant processes, systems and organisations. Whether a company is planning its first shared services structure or working to improve a long-standing operating model, we provide a full range of support tailored to the company’s desired results.


Deloitte assists clients in all phases of the shared services journey:

  • Assessing feasibility, which involves developing a high-level shared services vision and assessing the financial and cultural feasibility of pursuing that vision

  • Design, which involves detailed design of the processes, systems, facilities and organisation of the shared services vision, and the development of a detailed implementation plan

  • Building and testing, which includes developing training materials, configuring and testing processes and software and completing interfaces, enhancements and reports

  • Implementation, which involves performing integrated system and business testing and implementing go live with initial sites

  • Optimisation, which involves migrating remaining client sites into the shared services centre and facilitating the realisation of business benefits