Capital Project Consulting

In industries that are capital intensive, effective capital planning and management are imperative. Aligning capital allocation with strategic objectives enables companies to maximise return on shareholder investment and identify new opportunities for value creation.

Deloitte has a group of dedicated professionals who focus on creating and sustaining value in any project or portfolio of projects. The team comprises a dynamic blend of industry experience and functional expertise in the areas of engineering, applied mathematics, finance and corporate strategy.

Our approach involves a detailed value improvement process. As part of this process, the business case is evaluated, and assumptions are tested and validated, while risks are framed and key drivers are modelled. Improvements in the project design are identified; wastage is eliminated and potential new sources of value are identified. These are opportunities that might not have been considered as part of the original business case.

For companies with many capital project opportunities, shareholder value is further enhanced by developing a project portfolio prioritisation model that accounts for shared risks, project interdependencies, multi-year horizons, alternative project funding levels and opportunities to defer projects.


Our services cover the whole project lifecycle, including:

  • Capital project portfolio optimisation and alignment with strategy
  • Business case design and project framing
  • Capital efficiency reviews of individual projects focusing on robustness and value enhancement
  • Operational readiness
  • Project execution readiness
  • Project health checks during execution
  • Capital budgeting using advanced experience curve methodologies and benchmarks