Wider Fields

Financial insight and the ability to project financial impacts is vital to any organisation, regardless of the industry in which it operates. We are able to provide leading edge analytical skills and, if necessary, pair this with other subject matter expert input from the vast range of skill-sets contained within Deloitte.

Through a blend of expert statistical, financial, business and regulatory expertise, we have found a strong demand for our expert services in many non-traditional practice areas. The application of our unique skill-set gives us a distinct advance in analytical environments, especially where the application of financial forecasting is key.

Some of our Wider Fields offerings include:

  • Mining rehabilitation fund advice, including funding, investment strategies, valuations.
  • Market segmentation analysis & modelling
  • Venture capital due diligence modelling
  • Expert financial input on recruitment panels
  • Budget and business plan projections
  • Workforce demand modelling
  • Activity based costing modelling
  • Projections of profit-share arrangements
  • Model auditing
  • Carbon credit modelling
  • Enterprise risk management advice
  • Optimal sample size selection advice
  • Tax modelling
  • Financial projections for oil & petroleum companies
  • Resource modelling for call-centres and related environments
  • Financial impact modelling around port and harbour infrastructure development
  • Feasibility studies on the development of coal mines
  • Financial projections for telecommunications providers