Risk and Governance

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Infrastructure asset lifecycle: Operational risk mitigation from project inception.

Infrastructure is a pillar of growth and prosperity for any economy, but particularly
for developing economies in which infrastructure investment is intensive.
Good infrastructure is necessary to lower the costs and improve the ease of doing
business. It is the key to long term industrial competitiveness in increasing challenges
of global market.


Establishing a risk intelligent major capital project

Higher expectation

Major capital projects can significantly enhance or erode shareholder value based on how well they are executed. Considering their high impact nature, the levels of oversight, governance, risk management and assurance need to be heightened.

Greater risk

The sheer magnitude and complexity of these projects combined with longer construction times increases the risk profile. Some mega projects even have the potential to bankrupt their parent company.

Greater exposure to risk means a more intelligent approach is required. Such risk intelligence can be achieved through the following principles. Read more about Establishing a risk intelligent major capital project