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Deloitte’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team provides services to healthcare and life sciences clients in both the public and private sectors. We support our clients across a broad range of business competencies from business growth and innovation to crucial strategic and operational disciplines.

The South African team is part of Deloitte’s global Healthcare and Life sciences practice, which has been independently rated as a leading global Healthcare management consulting practice, spanning both developed and developing economies by Kennedy. This provides our Southern African clients with access to the expertise and experience of:

  • Up to 7,600 practitioners in 76 countries now. 
  • We work with over 80% of the 2012 Fortune Global 500.

We offer a complete range of services:

Deloitte industry specialists can help you refine your business models through innovative partnerships, improved processes and effective compliance through:

  • expert industry knowledge in South Africa and the African continent
  • specialists who work closely with private and public healthcare organisations
  • access to global healthcare best practice

It’s this mix of global depth and local relevance that makes Deloitte Healthcare and Life Sciences such a valuable resource for our clients.


Featured Insights

Healthcare Temperature CheckHealthcare 3.0: Healthcare for the new normal
Systemic changes in daily human behaviour will undoubtedly influence and affect lifestyle. Economic prosperity, aging population, the growing middle income population and sensitive public policy are key demand drivers of better healthcare and infrastructure. This will ultimately manifest in a gradual but undeniable shift in health outcomes of the population together with the related areas of the healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare 3.0: Healthcare for the new normal illustrates the key areas within the healthcare model and provides insights on the future and evolving state of healthcare.
Healthcare Temperature CheckProactive management of medical scheme fraud
The Medical Aid industry continues to be very much exposed to fraud and its related activities. Until now, provider and member fraud detection involved retrospectively analysing claims to identify patterns, sifting through paper claims to identify ‘different looking’ claims or good old fashioned luck and tip-offs. All of which are complex and time-consuming although fraud can be similar in content their appearances are not usually identical. Learn how Deloitte has developed a means to identify fraudulent claims automatically.
Healthcare MobilityGlobal mobility management: The many facets of this innovative and thought-provoking area of specialisation
Globalization is prompting companies to consider more international assignments than ever before. Unfortunately, many companies are relying on workforce mobility programs that are outdated. The result is elaborate and expensive expatriate packages.
Mine Health and SafetyMine Health and Safety
An organisation’s health and wellness activities can help improve recruitment, retention, productivity and risk management. They can also promote enterprise sustainability from the ground up; anchoring it in the area most organisations consider their largest and most important asset – their people.
ChemicalsGovernment Grants and Incentives for the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry
The incentive landscape is continually changing and it is important to stay abreast of changes as incentives undergo frequent changes and incentives are added or removed.
Healthcare in Africa 2013
Healthcare is moving up the agenda in Africa – but what is often missing at the heart of the debate is the voice and perspective of the patient. This year’s Healthcare in Africa summit aims to reshape the discussion and question assumptions, focusing firmly on the best ways to maximise the health and well-being of Africans.

Deloitte 4th Annual Healthcare SummitDeloitte 4th Annual Healthcare Summit

IIR’s 4th Annual Healthcare Summit, which will bring together health authorities, hospital operators, government, health insurers, care organisations, research institutions and pharmaceutical organisations to discuss challenges facing the Healthcare industry.

A look around the corner: Healthcare CEO’s perspectives on the future
Data from Deloitte‘s June to September, 2011, interviews with 24 Chief Executive Officers(CEOs) of acute-sector hospitals and multi-hospital health systems shows that CEOs and their organisations face challenges that are at once virtually unprecedented and yet predictable.

Key contacts

Valter Adão
Director - Consulting
Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Leader; Southern Africa
Cell: +27 (0)83 458 8226
Twitter: @adaoV1SA

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