Year-end Holiday Survey 2012

Resilience in spending


As was the case in prior years, we have sampled the spending habits and the underlying moods of consumers ahead of the 2012 year-end festive season. The South African consumer currently faces a number of challenges, including increased living costs, higher energy prices and higher education costs, to name but a few. In an extremely competitive retail market, the question on concerned retailers’ minds is surely “what will be driving the shopping behaviour of consumers this season and how can we meet their needs in an ever-complex and connected world?” Answering this question is important for most retailers, since their year-end financial results are often significantly affected by an overweighting of the last quarter’s sales performance.

The Deloitte Year-end Holiday Survey aims to shed light on consumption trends over the 2012 period, with specific reference to year-end festivities. We hope this helps you to understand some of the factors that are driving consumer decisions, and hopefully it provides some last-minute indicators to retailers before the holiday season kicks off.