Public-private partnerships

More value through managed services

Public services have traditionally been delivered through hierarchical government bureaucracies. But these days, that vertically integrated model is giving way to a horizontal approach involving a complex blend of federal, state and local government — along with private businesses, third-party contractors and non-profit institutions. In this new model, the role of government is transformed from direct service provider to leader and manager.

At Deloitte & Touche Middle East, we have worked with governments and major private sector clients across the region to deliver first class infrastructure projects. We have developed specialist techniques for measuring value and comparing public and private sector delivery of projects.

Our core services are the following:

Thought leadership stage:

PPP /BOT decision-making framework – Delivering consultancy to governments on policies and procedures for formulating the optimum PPP or BOT contract

SPV formation stage:

Project advisory and structuring - Providing independent advice on aligning the interests and aspirations of shareholders in SPV structures

Capital raising – Managing the entire process of raising required debt and equity for the project to achieve a competitive funding structure

Once the project SPV is set up/operational:

Governance and systems – Helping in establishing proper governance and structures, transformation and change management, systems and controls. 

Audit –   Helping to establish an internal audit function or perform an external audit.