Tourism, hospitality & leisure

The Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure (THL) players in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are faced with grave challenges due to the continuing global economic slowdown which is expected to extend well into 2010.

The MENA region is home to some of the world’s most historic and stunning tourist destinations, besides the fact that the region has modern marvels to offer to tourists worldwide. With continued government spending in the THL sector in the region, countries are drawing efforts to sustain THL as a key component of the MENA economy through economic diversification strategies.

What does the current economic slowdown mean to the THL Clients in the MENA region? A drop in tourism demand and growing operational costs necessitates THL Clients to continue marketing and promotion efforts and improve their bottom line by reducing costs.

How can Deloitte help you? The inter-related nature of the THL industry demands a business approach that reflects and appreciates the associated complexities, challenges and opportunities. Only by focusing on integrated solutions to business issues, can we expect to truly create value and maximize our Client loyalty. Unlike most professional services firms today, we believe that drawing upon a combination of the disciplines of Audit, Tax, Financial Advisory and Consulting services allows us to see more clearly and more deeply – creating greater value for our Clients. Known as the Deloitte Difference, this 360-degree strategy helps us educate our Clients with broad perspectives on the internal and external dynamics of issues in the THL sector.

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