Anti-Money Laundering

As the number of regulatory inquiries or investigations increase, many cases are now involving U.S. agencies and penalties are escalating into millions of pounds. There has never been a greater need for management to demonstrate effective, risk based anti-money laundering strategies.

How we can help

Deloitte has extensive experience in leveraging its global anti-money laundering team to provide tailored solutions to many leading financial institutions as well as smaller organisations.

In addition locally we have assisted the offshore regulators with a number of anti-money laundering themed examination programmes and have performed AML reviews for other stakeholders of offshore subsidiaries of global institutions.

Our successful track record of managing the threat of money laundering has given Deloitte firsthand experience of the unique challenges organisations face such as:

  • Enabling clients to trade in different products seamlessly across multiple jurisdictions, whilst ensuring compliance with the local legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Communicating, and monitoring compliance with, policies and procedures across global organisations;
  • Managing the risks of investment in emerging markets and new jurisdictions, including anti-money laundering due diligence on overseas joint ventures and associates;
  • Maintaining customer data and managing its processing within the confines of data protection and banking secrecy legislation;
  • Anti-money laundering technology solutions including updating of transaction monitoring systems and integration with sanctions systems; and
  • Conducting regulatory and other investigations of potential anti-money laundering breaches.
    Our clients come from all sectors including retail banking, insurance, asset management, non-financial services such as trust and company service providers, law firms as well as offshore regulators.