Corporate Development Advisory

Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC

Is your company's corporate development group properly equipped to execute your merger and acquisition strategy? For many companies, managing corporate development activities has become a challenge, particularly if the strategy is global or spans multiple industries. Also, as business dynamics change, companies often discover that their corporate development function has weaknesses in the major areas of:People and Process and Tools.

  • People: Skilled corporate development functions are either understaffed during active periods or overstaffed during inactive cycles. Either way, companies can lose because the corporate development function either cannot respond to the demands of the business, or it consumes resources and funds that might be better used elsewhere.
  • Process and Tools: Investing in process and tools can yield little return when corporate development is not a core function of your organization. Further, as process and tools are constantly evolving, it can become ever more costly and onerous to have an effective process and current tools at your disposal when executing your M&A strategy.

A flexible and scalable solution

Deloitte Corporate Finance (DCF) offers you one of the only available corporate development advisory services available today. We give you the flexibility to choose from simple staff augmentation to full corporate development outsourcing – or any combination of services in between. We can address the critical stages in the corporate development and business transaction lifecycle, from planning and financial analysis, to transaction execution and ongoing monitoring of transaction value. Core to our approach is the ability to augment your people, process and tools to help you fulfill your corporate development objectives:

  • Pre-Planning: We can help you close the gap by aligning your business strategy and corporate development activities with a detailed tactical plan that addresses your corporate development objectives.
  • Transaction Development: Access to our combination of people, process and tools may help you accelerate the development of target criteria and identification, financial analyses and transaction metrics.
  • Transaction Execution: We bring extensive industry knowledge and local market experience from around the globe to your transaction. Experience and specialized knowledge of industry, geo/cultural differences and transaction type experiences (divestitures, acquisitions, JVs, alliances) are particularly important during deal origination and execution.
  • Value Monitoring: Measuring and improving is a constant challenge. Deal performance should be measured to determine if an investment is properly managed, risks are appropriately addressed, and a baseline for improvement is established.

Our team of experienced professionals can help your company manage the corporate development function by providing the specific skills, methodologies, processes, and technologies you need, when and where they can best support your business objectives.

Discover how DCF's strong international presence and experience in all aspects of transactions can help you and your business development function address your strategic business growth and diversification objectives.