Technology: First Quarter 2013

Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC


This quarter’s Technology Update, produced by Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC (DCF), summarizes transactions within this industry along with information on active buyers, current transaction valuation multiples and an overview of the public market’s perception of the industry.

Highlights include:

  • In the first quarter 2013, the technology industry merger and acquisition activity has followed general macro trends – a moderate decrease in the number of deals completed coupled with a slight increase in valuation.
  • Despite a 12% decline in the number of deals completed in Q1 2013 versus Q1 2012, Web Services continues to be one of the most active deal spaces in Technology seeing 312 deals in Q1 2013 led by large players such as Google and Facebook.
  • The Hardware sector did not follow suit with other technology subsectors experiencing a decline in the number of completed deals.  Instead Hardware saw a doubling of overall deal volume versus the prior quarter led by the announced acquisition of Dell by founder Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners.

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