25 Best Practices in Learning & Talent Development

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The demand for talent in a dwindling global pool, the complexity of work and an unrelenting period of enormous change, coupled with generational differences, have all propelled learning and development to the forefront of organizational strategies to attract, recruit, develop, deploy and retain talent. This requires fresh, technology-enabled, just-in-time and high-impact learning and talent development perspectives and approaches.

Written by Nick van Dam, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Global chief learning officer for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, 25 Best Practices in Learning & Talent Development captures a collection of leading practices that have been implemented around the world. These practices are based on theory and amplified by implementation, offering a universe of ideas for all involved in the field of learning and talent development.

This book is for everyone — business leaders who want a better understanding of leading practices and opportunities in the field of learning and talent development, human resource professionals, executives in talent and leadership development, learning professionals, consultants and those who study the field of human capital development. The best practice chapters include:

  •  Developing 21st Century Leaders
  •  The Impact of Learning in Performance Management
  •  Learning By Design
  •  Multi-Cultural Perspectives in Learning
  •  Leveraging the Business Impact of Learning
  •  The Future of Learning and Talent Development

This 2008 edition includes additional sections on:

  •  Accelerated development
  •  Developing scalable business coaching
  •  The business results of strategic new hire on-boarding
  •  The apple iPhone will shape the future of mobile learning
  •  The application of virtual worlds for learning

Here’s what some have said about the book:


“Today's reality in organizations is global, faster, smarter. At Disney, organizing learning to meet the needs of our global diverse work force, engaged in a broad range of responsibilities, demands access to learning that is personalized, employee-driven, accessible 24/7 and relevant. I find that 25 Best Practices in Learning and Talent Development offers multiple pragmatic strategies to ensure that all available resources and capabilities are leveraged to their utmost to engage, motivate and challenge people.”


Steve Milovich, Senior Vice President, Corporate HR Organization & Leadership Development
The Walt Disney Company


“In his new book, 25 Best Practices in Learning and Talent Development, Nick van Dam reveals the transition from a traditional classroom-based training function to a modern, strategy-enabling learning organization. In 25 short and easy-to-read chapters, Nick elaborates on the future learning landscape and the increasing role of learning in talent and performance management. This highly recommendable book provides rich food for thought for all learning and talent development leaders and professionals.”

—Martin Moehrle, Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer
Deutsche Bank

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