Stepping onto the global stage

Are you ready for the tax spotlight?


Mid-sized private companies expanding internationally face new and complex tax compliance challenges — not only related to corporate income tax returns but also to areas such as indirect taxes, statutory accounts, and the global tax accounting function. What practical steps can you take to address these challenges?

This article discusses trends affecting management of global tax compliance, including increased sharing of information among tax authorities, penalties for reporting errors, and growing demands for transparency. Based on a Dbriefs webcast, the article discusses:

  • Common approaches for managing global tax compliance and global tax infrastructure
  • Effective practices and technology that potentially offer greater visibility into tax processes and Improved access to information on a global basis

The article also includes executives' perspectives through responses to polling questions posed during the Dbriefs webcast.

Gain insights on dynamics affecting global tax compliance and explore ways you can refine your private company's approach — download the full PDF below.