Tax Operations and Divestiture Planning: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


Corporate divestitures usually are beyond the tax department’s complete control, yet they can be extremely time-consuming and disruptive to departmental resources. Divestitures involve many technical tax details and both the selling and divested organizations must plan to ensure they have the right resources throughout the transition to address tax needs in the long run.

In a new report, Deloitte discusses divestiture planning — highlighting separation planning needs, tax operational issues and other considerations for enterprises involved in such a transaction. The report also discusses recommendations for the parallel development of transactional and operational plans, as well as for planning the divested entity’s tax function and confirming “day one” readiness.

In addition, the report includes responses to polling questions posed to over 1,000 executives during a Dbriefs Webcast on how their tax departments handle the transition during a divestiture.

Download the full report at the bottom of the page to learn more.

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