Strategic Tax Review: Assessing the Implications of Business Events


Is your tax department keeping up with all the changes that your business is undergoing? Opportunities may exist to create new value for your organization.

Deloitte Tax LLP has a national team that is dedicated full time to Strategic Tax Reviews and has conducted more than 200 Strategic Tax Reviews in key industries. We offer:

  • Timely and thoughtful delivery of ideas, advantageous tax filing positions, consideration of tax and nontax issues, rapid identification of ideas and implementation, improved cash flow and reduction in your overall effective tax rate
  • A flexible and collaborative approach that has delivered strong results to organizations of all types, including highly complex businesses with sophisticated tax departments
  • Specialists in key industries and virtually any niche area of tax that is appropriate for your business
  • A team made up primarily of senior personnel who work with organizations not only during the scoping process but during the implementation and follow-up stage

For more information, see the PDF attached below.