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Many companies face significant barriers to executing key international tax processes such as tax provisions, tax compliance and tax planning because of poor, mismanaged or inaccessible data. Complex calculations, combined with compound legal structures and intercompany transaction flows, have created an international tax environment that can be difficult. Many tax departments are struggling with these challenges during a time when high-quality international tax personnel are becoming increasingly hard to find, attract and retain.
IT.QCS delivers broad and innovative data management tools that address a wide variety of international tax problems. With a unique combination of international tax and technology experience, our international tax professionals combine powerful technologies with customized models to help your organization address burdensome calculations accurately and efficiently. By bringing together skilled and experienced professionals, advanced tools and battle-tested processes, IT.QCS has earned a reputation for quality service and deliverables.

Our specific services include:

Custom Modeling

Our Custom Modeling services include the following:

  • Transaction Modeling - With so much riding on major transactions, it is essential for multinationals to get their calculations right the first time.
  • Expense Allocations - Expense allocation and apportionment impacts a company’s foreign tax credit limitation, extraterritorial income exclusion and section 199 production activity deduction, section 965 disallowance for stewardship costs, and the deductibility of headquarters costs. We can help your organization to accurately and efficiently design and execute these complex calculations.
  • Earnings & Profit (E&P), Basis and Section 987 Calculations - The quality and accuracy of output for these calculations needs to be perfect.
  • Tax Provisions Services - Our QCS Custom Provision implementation services can help explore improvements to the accuracy, transparency and efficiency of your tax provision process via seamless, automated and integrated tools. 

International Tax Process Optimization

Through the experience and quality of our people, we can help your tax department pursue best-in-class performance by leveraging existing information technology, reducing the number of spreadsheets used by the tax department, automating adjustments and calculations and customizing management reports.

Tax Attribute Management

It sounds simple, but getting the full picture of your organizational structure can be difficult and time-consuming to achieve. We have developed a software application, Tax Traits Manager, that tracks tax attributes by legal entity within a company’s structure. This application produces a viewable and printable organization chart and numerous white paper reports that serve as the starting point for international tax planning and compliance.

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