International Core of Excellence (ICE) 2014 Country Essentials

The key to the solution


As business becomes increasingly globalized, having access to accurate and relevant information on foreign tax systems is critical — both to managing existing structures effectively and when changes to rationalize operations are being contemplated. Obtaining such information and guidance on a timely basis is an enormous challenge for U.S. companies doing business in multiple jurisdictions. This task is made still more exacting by the need to understand how foreign tax rules interact with those of the United States.

Deloitte Tax LLP's International Core of Excellence (ICE), our foreign tax desk program, is a local resource designed to help U.S. companies deal with these demanding issues. ICE is a U.S.-based team of highly experienced tax professionals from key jurisdictions around the world. ICE team members, who are specialists in the tax systems of their home jurisdictions, can identify and address how foreign tax considerations impact a U.S. multinational's U.S. business drivers and tax planning.

The ICE Country Essentials provide information on the tax rules in ICE countries, covering direct and indirect taxes and rates, tax basis and residency rules, plus forms of business organization, accounting standards and foreign exchange controls. Hard copies may be obtained from your Deloitte Tax contact or a member of the ICE team.

The ICE Country Essentials are drawn from the larger Deloitte Highlights series reviewing the tax landscape of nearly 150 jurisdictions. The Essentials serve as companion pieces to the Deloitte Taxation and Investment Guides, which help potential investors understand the investment climate, operating conditions and tax system of most major trading jurisdictions in greater detail. For more information on the ICE program, please contact your local Deloitte Tax professional.


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