Employer Health Reform


With the signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a new era of government intervention in the health care marketplace begins. There are a number of provisions in the Act with potentially significant short- and long-term cost implications for employers. The details of the Act will take time to fully grasp and federal regulations are needed to fill in some gaps. However, there are several areas in sharp focus - with more immediate deadlines - that large employers will need to understand now as the backdrop for emerging employee health benefit strategies:

  • Health plan design and funding/pricing changes resulting from insurance reforms, the ‘essential health benefit package’ and other new provisions
  • Compliance, tax concerns, changes in employee health benefit administration systems and employee awareness/communication requirements
  • Workforce planning implications of new eligibility and coverage provisions
  • How and to what extent do the ‘grandfather’ provisions apply
  • Provisions that may change the way employers think about retiree medical coverage

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