Multistate Tax Alert: Wisconsin Enacts 2013-2015 Budget Bill

Changes to corporate and individual income tax, sales/use tax and administrative provisions



On June 30, 2013, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed Assembly Bill 40 (“A.B. 40”).1 The bill amends Wisconsin tax law in the following manner:

  • Updates references to the Internal Revenue Code (“I.R.C.”) and conforms to federal depreciation and amortization;
  • Repeals several income tax credits;
  • Provides that partnerships, limited liability companies and S corporations are eligible to compute and pass through research credits;
  • Modifies various individual income tax provisions, most notably a reduction of the individual
    income tax rates;
  • Eliminates the Economic Development Surcharge for individuals, estates, trusts and partnerships;
  • Provides new exemptions for taxpayers engaged in certain commercial printing activities and for printing services that result in advertising and promotional direct mail;
  • Modifies the sales/use tax exemption for research and development activities;
  • Modifies the sales/use tax treatment of taxable products provided under a lump sum contract;
  • Modifies various administrative provisions, including decreasing the interest rate for refunds, and establishing penalties for negligent and fraudulent income and franchise refund claims.

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1 2013 Wisconsin Act 20, enacted June 30, 2013; published on July 1, 2013 and effective July 2, 2013.