Mid-Market Perspectives: America's Economic Engine - Why Entrepreneurs Matter


Can mid-sized companies benefit from adopting entrepreneurial behavior most often attributed to start-ups? According to this fourth research report from Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services, based on results from a September 2012 survey of 652 mid-market executives, the answer is yes.

Among the findings highlighted in the "Mid-market perspectives: America's economic engine - why entrepreneurs matter" report:

  • Companies that have become more entrepreneurial are succeeding at a faster pace. They cite organic growth in existing markets and innovative products and strategies as their highest priorities.
  • Sixty-six percent of respondents expect job growth in the next year will come from mid-sized privately held companies and small businesses.
  • Fifty percent of respondents say the uncertain economic outlook is their company’s main obstacle to growth; consistent with previous reports, 46 percent of executives think the level of uncertainty is higher than one year ago.
  • Is the United States the best place for entrepreneurs to start a business? Only 59 percent of respondents said yes – a marked contrast to the 87 percent who said it was the best place to do so in the past.

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Entrepreneurs do not work only in startups — they are everywhere. And what they do matters to everyone.

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