Establishing a Foundation

Business succession planning: Cultivating enduring value


Establishing a foundation, the second volume in our Business Succession Planning series, focuses on how the choice of entity structure, valuation methods and financing options can impact business succession planning – and outcomes – for private businesses.

What's new? For most public companies, the choice of an entity structure is fairly straightforward. But private companies have more choices and need to decide which structure is the right fit for their long-term goals.

What should you consider? Weigh the pros and cons of different entity structures, valuation methods and financing options. 

In short: What choices today can help achieve your company’s business succession goals in the future?

Take a closer look: "Establishing a foundation"

Learn how to choose an entity structure, the art and science of valuation, and the advantages of debt and equity financing options in this second volume of our Business Succession Planning series: Establishing a foundation.

Also read the first volume in this series, The need for planning, which highlights the need for developing a strategic succession plan.

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