This Way For More Value From Your Oracle Investments

Deloitte and Oracle brochure


We believe that getting more value from your Oracle platform requires far more than just technical know-how: It also requires a deep understanding of where your business is heading, the issues it is facing and what it needs to accomplish right now – as well as in the future.

Designated by Oracle as a Platinum level partner for more than a decade, – the highest level alliance relationship with Oracle - Deloitte has successfully provided consulting services in support of the implementation solutions from the Oracle family of products for hundreds of organizations worldwide. As detailed in the following brochure, this experience spans every major function area and most industry sectors.

And with more Oracle PartnerNetwork Titan awards than any other SI, Deloitte has proven that we continue to achieve and exceed our clients’ business objectives through seamless technology enablement. In short, it is not about a technology implementation: It is about leveraging technology as an enabler to solve real business challenges. At Deloitte, we call this approach “business-led, technology-enabled,” and it stands at the heart of everything we do.

To learn more about recent advances in the Oracle technology stack and how Deloitte can help drive more value from your Oracle investments, please see the attached brochure: This way for more value from your Oracle investments.