Working in a Virtual World

Establishing highly effective virtual teams on information technology projects


Organization’s today are opting for large-scale investment in technology selectively and once done strive to get optimum returns. A growing trend is leveraging offsite resources on technology project in which strategic roles are staffed with talent from other locations or countries. Even though a virtual team adds on complexities, still decentralization of technology project teams may offer opportunities in terms of saving time and cost while delivering quality result. This virtual team structure can deliver successfully only if strategic planning and execution have gone into its formation. Physical distance, communication breakdowns, lack of collaboration, barriers of time and space, dissimilar talent management practices, building trust and overall team cohesiveness are the challenges that need to be overcome.

Deloitte’s latest thought piece, Working in a virtual world, focuses on the key teaming levers that:

  • Create high performing virtual teams
  • Allow teams to maintain high quality standards
  • Address how virtual teams can support the success of a technology implementation

Additionally, it discusses the three layers that facilitate the staffing and running of a virtual project team: infrastructure layer to operationalize the team, tactical layer to improve efficiency and strategic layer to optimize value.

Download the PDF to learn how virtual teaming can help organizations deliver difficult and costly technology implementation projects quickly and without sacrificing quality.