Sales Force Effectiveness

Gearing up for growth


As the economy begins to roll again, some sales organizations find they are caught in low gear. What’s holding them back? Stale sales strategies that don’t work for emerging market segments? Reward plans mismatched to today’s growth opportunities? Overstretched or underperforming sales teams? Fierce new competitors? More demanding customers. It’s a complex problem with no one right answer.

Leading companies around the globe choose Deloitte because of our deep understanding of their industries and sales environments. Our professionals combine strategic thinking and sales experience with broad technical and operational capabilities. Learn more about the offering.

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Many moving parts
When a sales organization is not running smoothly, it can be hard to figure out what’s broken, much less how to fix it. It is important to examine markets, competition, channels, organizational structure, talent, compensation – the list goes on. It’s not easy, but with an effective/desired combination of strategy, people, processes, organization, rewards and technology, many organizations find that average performers beat expectations and already strong salespeople achieve extraordinary results.

How we can help

Leading companies around the globe choose Deloitte because of our deep understanding of their industries and sales environments. Our professionals combine strategic thinking and sales experience with broad technical and operational capabilities. We help our clients improve sales force effectiveness with services that span these areas:

  • Strategic planning. Develop sales strategies, market segmentation and sales processes that support the business strategy.
  • Organization. Align the sales force structure with channel partners and leverage sales force resources to improve performance.
  • Motivation. Develop quotas, compensation plans and performance management systems to reinforce and reward selling behaviors that achieve sales goals.
  • Support. Deploy tactical tools, develop processes and provide training and reinforcement to stimulate sales force adoption.

Bottom-line benefits

Our services are designed to help our clients achieve measurable benefits. We have assisted our clients to:

  • Boost sales productivity and deliver high-quality results by establishing consistent, controlled and repeatable sales processes.
  • Create a more capable sales force by identifying and teaching the behaviors demonstrated by top performers.
  • Improve conversion rates and sales cycle times by aligning the sales process with customer buying behavior and decision points.
  • Enhance sales team efficiency by increasing the adoption rate for productivity tools and processes.

Four ways to get more value now

Think customers not sales. Use segmentation analysis to identify your most valuable customers and targets. Study their needs, expectations and buying behavior and use these insights to design sales channels and processes that are aligned with your customers’ expectations, not your own.

Spread success. Even the leading process or technology won’t improve sales performance unless it’s used. Look for success stories among your highest performers and spread the word about the sales practices, tools and processes that made them even more effective.

Reward the right performance. Volume is not always the leading indicator of sales effectiveness. Consider a mix of success measures – including customer profitability – to focus and reward the sales force for results that support your business strategy and financial goals. Make sure high performers are rewarded well.

Rate yourself against the leaders (or leading organizations). Use benchmarking to compare your sales force performance with leading sales organizations, including selling time, conversion rates and sales skills. Use the findings to evaluate your own approach to territory coverage, organizational structure, performance management and training.

Sales force effectiveness in action

  • An international shipping organization wanted to pursue new sales opportunities while protecting existing revenues. We helped them develop a new sales strategy and organization structure, which was supported by updated selling roles, selling processes, rewards and technology. We followed through by creating an adoption and communication plan that engaged the sales force, resulting in a smooth transition.
  • An international food services company wanted to develop a more targeted and efficient customer service model. We worked with the company’s executive management and sales team to create a prototype sales incentive structure that encouraged the desired selling and teaming behaviors for achieving profitable growth, while controlling incentive costs.
  • A major medical device company wanted to improve the accuracy and efficiency of its sales compensation program, which supported 1,500 sales employees. We helped the company to achieve its goal by working with a third-party vendor to implement new sales performance management technology that reduced compensation errors and manual interventions.
  • A global financial services organization wanted to target sales compensation to the highest performers, based on a complex view of margin. We helped the client build a global consensus to structure the new compensation program, develop the metrics and measurement processes and implement the Sales Performance Management software to administer the new plans.

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