PeopleSoft-enabled HR Transformation

Keeping up with a global workforce


As businesses grow and become more global, Human Resource’s (HR) capabilities must follow suit. Whether a company is expanding organically or through acquisitions, it’s easy to lose control and end up with a jumble of incompatible HR systems and processes that vary from one country to the next. To avoid this trap, many companies are turning to sophisticated Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, such as PeopleSoft HCM. These systems support HR capabilities and processes that are efficient and scalable and are designed from the ground up to handle global challenges, such as local regulations, local reporting requirements and multiple languages and currencies. They also generate global workforce data that is accurate and consistent, enabling business leaders to make better, timelier decisions.

Deloitte understands the importance of a global HR Transformation effort and can help get your PeopleSoft HCM implementation up and running quickly, smoothly and effectively. Learn more about the offering.

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When you decide to invest in a new HCM platform, you have charted a path to more efficient operations. But that's just the first step. Successful implementation requires significant support from senior executives in the C-suite and global operations. Also, organizational resistance is common. For the new system to be effective, managers and employees will likely have to change how they do their jobs. To establish a true global standard, which is the whole point of the effort, someone will need to compromise.

A PeopleSoft HCM implementation is as much a human challenge as a technical one. Process improvement, standardization and automation must mesh with decision-making protocols and staff buy-in. When it all works, a transformation on this scale can give managers throughout the business – not just in HR – the tools and information they need to manage the workforce consistently and globally. Also, it can help a company integrate the HR activities of acquired entities in less time and with fewer resources.

How we can help

Deloitte understands the importance of a global HR Transformation effort and can help get your PeopleSoft HCM implementation up and running quickly, smoothly and effectively. Our services include:

  • Business case definition and global leadership alignment
  • HR service delivery model designation
  • Global process definition via Deloitte’s IndustryPrint
  • Change management, training and communication
  • Project governance
  • Implementation of PeopleSoft HM
  • Application management services
  • Global data privacy and security services

Our ERP implementation methodology, called Deloitte’s Enterprise Value Delivery methodology, is a 360-degree view of the broad array of activities that should be considered in planning and executing an implementation. While the specific activities are tailored to a client and project needs, the methodology provides a broad framework for the many diverse factors that may need to be addressed during the implementation lifecycle.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is a recognized leader in HCM implementation, HR transformation and human capital consulting. This broad set of capabilities makes us particularly qualified to assist with PeopleSoft HCM implementations.

We have been working closely with Oracle since 1992 to provide the highest level of service to our clients and have been implementing PeopleSoft solutions for more than 15 years. Over the past five years Deloitte has received 15 Titan Awards – more than any other Oracle alliance partner – and was recently named 2010 Global Applications Partner of the Year.

Globally, we have completed more than 1,000 PeopleSoft Enterprise implementations and have more than 1,000 professionals with significant PeopleSoft training and experience. Through our experience, we have developed a set of leading practices, tools and methods to accelerate and manage an effective and timely implementation.

Our People-Soft capabilities include PeopleSoft-specific technology and tools, education and training and a dedicated software laboratory and solution centers. We also participate in Oracle's Audit Vault Beta program, giving our practitioners early exposure to beta software so they can help develop solutions that are compatible with future releases.

More than a pure technology organization, Deloitte is a recognized leader and innovator in the field of Human Resources. Our Human Capital practice is one of the largest HR consultancies in the world. In addition, we offer deep skills and experience in a broad range of business areas including change management, shared services, business analytics, talent management strategy, total rewards, internal controls, compliance and data privacy & security.

At Deloitte, we understand the ‘business’ of HR – as well as the operational infrastructure required to support it.

Bottom-line benefits

  • Enhanced focus on talent: engage and retain the right talent, in the right positions, at competitive pay, at the right time
  • Improved reporting and analytical capabilities to make decisions aligned with HR strategies
  • Globalization and harmonization of HR policies and processes
  • Alignment between the needs of your talent pool and the organization’s strategies for recruiting, performance, learning and compensation
  • Simplified HR application ‘ecosystem’ that reduces ongoing maintenance and support costs
  • Deployment of a single, truly global system of record for HR data, eliminating “shadow” systems, improving reporting capabilities and reducing effort and duplication of data
  • Optimized transaction support, reporting and analytics in a way that better supports your HR service delivery strategy

Five ways to get more value now

Our teams have helped companies around the world make PeopleSoft HCM part of their day-to-day HR management. Here are a few leading practices we’ve learned along the way.

Enlist support early. A change of this magnitude can shake a lot of trees, creating resistance at many levels of the organization. Make the case for change through clear, consistent internal messages. Avoid surprises. And make sure the endorsement from senior leaders is loud and clear.

Allocate sufficient resources. During an HCM implementation, critical people end up with two jobs. To avoid overtaxing them – or disrupting the business – back-fill production roles and build contingency allowances into your project work plans.

Communicate early and often. Consistent and frequent communication within the project team and with key project stakeholders can help prevent issues from building and hopefully eliminate unnecessary problems down the road.

Keep moving forward. Nothing wastes time and money like constantly revisiting decisions after they’ve been made. Institute a formal process for making, documenting and communicating decisions and clearly define who is accountable. If there is a need to backtrack, make sure it happens within the system, not as a rogue activity.

Stay on target. Scope creep is a significant danger for any large project. Combat it by setting up a change control process that bases approval for each change on a full understanding of its impact and its place in the overall strategy.

PeopleSoft HCM in action

  • A large financial services organization implemented a new HR service delivery model across 26 countries. The new model featured global HR processes, a global instance of PeopleSoft v 9.0 and centralized HR administration in three regional service centers. Key focus areas included employee data maintenance, talent acquisition, employee self-service and enterprise learning management. In addition, the project involved selecting and implementing a solution for administering health and welfare benefits in the United States. The company expects the new HR service delivery model to provide employees with a positive and consistent experience, while reducing the overall cost of HR administration and increasing HR’s ability to provide strategic consulting to the business.
  • A large health services organization used a PeopleSoft HCM upgrade to eliminate redundancy and streamline hand-offs across HR, payroll, benefits and recruiting. Using Oracle’s two-step ‘upgrade wrapper’ to move from PeopleSoft 8.3 to 8.9 to 9.0 saved time and effort compared to a more traditional upgrade path. In the process, the company consolidated data from over 77 different sources, eliminated 87 percent of the 300+ customizations in its legacy PeopleSoft system and used Deloitte’s IndustryPrint tool to make its HR processes more efficient.
  • A large financial services organization consolidated three separate PeopleSoft HCM systems into a single global instance covering 33 countries across many global region. The project improved efficiency and service quality, while eliminating more than 11,000 custom RICE objects (Report, Interface, Conversion and Enhancement) – a reduction of 75 percent.

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